48 hours of creative collaboration

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We’re very excited to share the results of two new ‘flash’ commissions by artists who met, collaborated and created new music all in just 48 hours.

48 hours of creative collaboration
29th April 2021

We’re very excited to share the results of two new ‘flash’ commissions by artists who met, collaborated and created new music all in just 48 hours.

We’re very excited to share the results of two new ‘flash’ commissions by artists who met, collaborated and created new music all in just 48 hours.

At the beginning of this week we brought together women and people from marginalised genders for a workshop to develop skills on BandLab. Attendees were given a demo of the platform by Aqilah Misuary before heading into a ‘speed-meeting’ session to have a chat with like-minded artists and find new collaborators for the future.

Following the event, we offered six artists a paid flash commission to work together on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and produce a new collaborative track to be shared today, on the final day of our Let’s Reconnect Festival.

A huge thank you to BandLab, inside/out agency and the artists involved for their incredible work, and willingness to jump in and take on the challenge!

Collaboration 1 – Twilight

Written, produced and performed by Avital Raz (Sheffield, UK), Ira Lobanok (Lviv, Ukraine), Laetitia Alexandros (Manchester, UK), Nyree Waters (Wales, United Kingdom), Roz Yuen (Berlin, Germany).

“The process of diving from a quite informal discussion about ‘contrasts, space & time’ to a real musical and collective mindset to produce a track in less than 48 hours with an online software we barely knew (i.e. BandLab) enabled us to grow as creatives and develop not only our sound, but also our time management, adaptability and resilience as a collective

We thank Brighter Sound for their workshops, guidance and trust in empowering us as cis/trans-women, non-binary and women-aligned artists as well as providing a safe space for building relationships that will last.” – Avital, Ira, Laetitia, Nyree and Roz

Collaboration 2 – A Good Day

Written, produced and performed by Niki Kand and Ira Lobanok.

“These past 48 hours have been both exciting and very challenging! We wrote lyrics, sang, arranged, mixed and mastered the song produced from scratch and managed to overcome some of our fears along the way. Massive thanks to Brighter Sound for giving us the opportunity to bring our song “A Good Day” to life.” – Niki and Ira

About the artists

Jerusalem-born singer-songwriter Avital Raz made a name for herself singing politically engaging, strikingly original and fearless songs, to emerge as a distinctive and truly individual voice that speaks with a very real and potent self-expression. Avital studied at The School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem, before embarking on a 20-year career as a singer/songwriter and musician. She started out singing Western classical music, later moved to India where she studied the ancient art of Dhrupad and later still developed a solo performance piece entitled My Jerusalem- combining live music with storytelling and projected images. She’s released 7 albums to date.

Ira Lobanok is a sound producer based in Lviv, Ukraine. Since Ira graduated Commercial Music Performance course at the University of Westminster 2 years ago, she’s been actively involved in music production with her electronic duo Krapka;KOMA, producing for other artists and making music and voice-overs for video games.

Laetitia Alexandros (aka Trees.R.Good) is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ spreading her extended European heritage through bass-driven, groove-infiltrating sounds. Putting into music the innate and unbreakable connection between human life and natural entities, Trees.R.Good sets herself as a musical activist fighting for worldwide Climate Justice and ecological peace.

Nyree Waters is a visual artist, singer and songwriter in the early stages of her journey as a producer. Born in Merseyside and growing up on the coast of North Wales, Nyree studied Illustration and developed her visual style as an artist before recently moving to Manchester to learn how to produce her own music. A lover of lyrics, Nyree uses poetry in both her artwork and her music as a way of processing heavy thoughts/feelings with a gentle touch. At the heart of everything she makes is a deep desire to be honest and vulnerable, in order to connect with her own emotions and those of her audience.

Roz Yuen is an Australian vocalist, songwriter and music producer known for her intimate, introspective and powerful style. Yuen’s downtempo avant-pop is laden with her ethereal vocals, honest lyrics, lush textures and intricate beats. In 2018, Yuen moved to Berlin to enhance her skills in Music Production and Sound Engineering. Yuen has performed internationally and her music has featured on several Australian television programs. Following her passion for interdisciplinary arts and technology, Yuen will release a new album and audiovisual experience, Awakening, in June 2021. Authentic self-expression, emotional resonance and connection are at the heart of all her work.

Singer songwriter, producer Niki Kand studied fine arts her entire life whilst music was her secret passion and an out of reach career for a quiet introvert. Growing up in Tehran, Niki was influenced by her parent’s love of western pop music but it was only after she moved to Kuala Lumpur that she was able to discover her own voice and express herself musically. After quickly learning to write music on the piano she began the journey to becoming a self- produced singer- songwriter. Her lo-fi dream-pop offers escapism and provides an insight into the therapeutic world she has constructed for herself. Niki’s currently working on a string of singles which will be part of her debut EP ‘Lady Shol’.