Anna Meredith: Meet the Artists

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Meet the twelve musicians and artists specially selected for our Artistic Directors Series led by Anna Meredith…

Anna Meredith: Meet the Artists
15th July 2016

Meet the twelve musicians and artists specially selected for our Artistic Directors Series led by Anna Meredith…

Brighter Sound is delighted to announce the twelve talented musicians and artists specially selected for our Artistic Directors Series with Anna Meredith, Jack Ross and Eleanor Meredith.

Taking place as part of the Science in the City Festival and our Here Come the Grrrls programme, the twelve young and emerging female musicians and multi-disciplinary artists will be in residence at the Museum of Science and Industry from 18 to 21 July.

The group will meet for the first time on Monday next week. For four days they’ll work together with Anna, Jack and Eleanor to collaborate and push creative limits, creating new work inspired by the Wonder Materials: Graphene and Beyond exhibition at the museum.

The new work will be performed live for the first time at Science in the City Late on Wednesday 27 July. Find out more and book a free ticket.

From Monday, you can follow the residency and keep up-to-date with the week’s activity on social media, where we’ll be posting daily pics and updates.

Meet the artists…

Katrina Wilde
I’m a surface pattern designer graduating from Manchester School of Art this summer. I have a huge love for colour and I’m often drawn to my surroundings and culture as a source of inspiration – I like to create connections between people and place. I’m really excited to meet some inspiring people and create beautiful things with them! #herecomethegrrrls

Elizabeth Walshaw
I’m a multi-disciplinary artist and have been playing music for the past eight years. For a long time, I kept these two disciplines separate but recently I’ve been exploring the crossover between art and music, making graphic scores, audio maps and field recordings. I’m excited to further explore this crossover, and to collaborate with other artists thinking along the same wavelength.

Carmel Smickersgill
I’m a composer and guitarist and currently studying composition with Gary Carpenter at the Royal Northern College of Music. This year my greatest achievement has been forming my own all female big band (SMUDGE) who are playing at Southport jazz festival as well as supporting the RNCM big band in the autumn. I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to collaborate with women who are equally passionate about their discipline, and creating exciting work to be performed in an exciting place!

Katrina W, Elizabeth W, Carmel S

Anna Clock
I’m a musician, composer and sound designer hailing from Dublin and based in London. I cannot wait to be inspired by the other disciplines we will be coming into contact with in the Museum of Science and Industry. I am excited to discover new ways for our practices to intersect and to collaborate with other women in my field.

Julie Crawford
I make eclectic pop music under the name MONKOORA. The name doesn’t mean anything, I made it up as a fantasy place where my music makes sense. It’s often described as folktronica but is not limited to folk and electronic music. I am also a visual artist. I am most excited about meeting the other girls and collaborating with them!

Miranda Rimmer
I’m a saxophonist having graduated with a music degree from the University of Manchester last year. My playing is of an experimental/bluesy nature and I am predominantly a jazz musician. I’m really excited to be a part of this residency and to work together with other creative minds, to have my thinking challenged, and to climb new musical mountains!

Anna C, Julie C, Miranda R

Amy Thompson
I’m a musician and scientist who believes that the arts and sciences can be used together to achieve great things. They don’t have to be seen as separate entities, and are both equally important. I am therefore excited to help explore the links between music and graphene, and know that attending the residency will be an invaluable experience.

Caroline Haines: CHAINES
I’m CHAINES (also known as Caroline Haines), and I write, produce and perform electronica, more recently with members of the London Contemporary Orchestra. I’m really excited to meet all the other participants and get to work with a diverse bunch of musicians and artists. I’m also very psyched to get to work with Anna Meredith, as her recent album’s ace!

Núria Bonet
I’m a composer of electroacoustic and instrumental music currently living and working in Plymouth. I look at the use of science in composition as means of engaging audiences in both science and contemporary music. I hope to deepen my practice through this collaboration with talented and diverse composers and musicians.

Amy T, Caroline H, Nuria B

Elle Bulger
I’m a visual artist, currently studying in Manchester. My interest has always been film and the moving image, but it is only this year that I’ve been exploring the possibilities that lie in live visuals and live performance. Collaborative work is so important – a good collaboration helps me develop in ways I would never do on my own. I’ve really enjoyed working with musicians so far; they always seem to see things and catch things that I miss, and vice versa, so I’m looking forward to being a part of an exciting new creative network.

Sarah Rowland Hill
I’m a video artist based in Manchester. My practice combines moving image, sound and live performance, often in collaboration with composers. I’m also the founder and co-director of Video Jam; an ongoing series of experimental events which commissions composers to write and perform original accompaniment to short, contemporary film.
I am increasingly interested in creating film work about sound, and the processes inherent to it such as composition, listening, collaboration and performance. I’m looking forward to working within a group of exciting multi-disciplinary artists and composers, enabling me to gain rare and valuable insight into a range of approaches to sound/ music. I see this as a fantastic chance to forge and retain creative connections with others that will push these ideas forward.

Anna Appleby
I’m a Manchester-based composer and songwriter. I grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne and had ambitions of becoming a physicist or engineer. I’ve been hoping to work creatively with the Museum of Science and Industry ever since I moved to Manchester, so I’m delighted to have been selected for this innovative project.

Elle B, Sarah RH, Anna A