Anna Meredith Residency: Day 2

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Anna Meredith Residency: Day 2

The second day of Anna Meredith’s residency saw participants transition from pen to practise!

Throughout the day the artists refined their ideas and concepts in response to the Wonder Materials: Graphene and Beyond exhibition they experienced yesterday. After an initial talk, they began experimenting with choral work as a group, to start to shape out the sound of the composition.

Meanwhile Speth continued to train up her sound engineers, creating speakers out of plastic cups, whilst Ellie and her team of visual artists went off to start work on a collaborative piece. Using charcoal they began smearing images of different shapes and sizes onto a frieze in response to the exhibition. This work was recorded through stop motion animation and will appear during the performance at Science in the City Late.

Both teams regrouped later in the day, splitting off into smaller groups consisting of both musicians and visual artists to further discuss the different concepts they wanted to explore. Eventually everyone began transitioning from pen to practise and the whole room came alive with experimental sounds! Unfortunately you can’t hear this work – you’ll have to wait till the performance! But we have some more great pictures for you…

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