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Brighter Sound presents Both Sides Now…

Both Sides Now
18th November 2017

Brighter Sound presents Both Sides Now…


Brighter Sound presents Both Sides Now, a three-year programme to support, inspire and showcase women in music across the North of England, with support from Arts Council England’s Ambition for Excellence fund.

Since 2011, we have led a diverse range of programming connecting young people and emerging artists through music and creativity. Supported by Arts Council England, the National Foundation for Youth Music and Manchester City Council these initiatives have included young artist residencies led by Beth Orton, Imogen Heap and Anna Meredith, and ongoing support for young and emerging music creators.

Over the years, we have noted a consistently low level of female participation across these programmes. Our response is Both Sides Now, a three-year programme for young and emerging female artists and industry professionals featuring residencies, commissions, training and apprenticeships, alongside national and international showcases.

Focusing on Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle and the surrounding areas, Both Sides Now aims to bridge the gap in access, opportunity and career progression — introducing new voices to reshape a more equal and diverse music landscape.

"For me, Both Sides Now stands for a space where you can feel free to create music you feel excited to explore, a language you get to define for yourself and not to be defined by." — Beth Orton

Both Sides Now programme:

  • 16 residencies for emerging professionals
  • 16 creative residencies for young female musicians
  • 6 national and international commissions for new work
  • The Lab - Conferences, symposia and showcases for industry and creativity
  • 4 music industry apprenticeships.
  • Education - digital resources for music curriculum focused on the roles and achievements of women in music. In partnership with

Both Sides Now’s objective is a sustained and tangible impact on women’s representation in the music industry – reframing perceptions and challenging stereotypes to influence cultural, social and political change for northern women pursuing careers in music. We use an inclusive definition of ‘women’ and ‘female’, welcoming participants who may identify as non-binary, cis-gendered, or trans.

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Beth Orton residency

Beth Orton

Shiva Feshareki residencyShiva Feshareki


Stealing Sheep residency

Stealing Sheep


Natalie McCool residency

Natalie McCool


Fatima Al Qadiri residency

Fatima Al Qadiri

Nadine Shah residency

Nadine Shah



Making Waves residency

Making Waves

Anna Meredith residency

Both Sides Now is supported by Arts Council England’s “Ambition for Excellence” Fund, PRS Foundation and Youth Music

Brighter Sound is a PRS Foundation Talent Development partner

Both Sides Now partners: