Change Or Be Changed: Premiere

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Change Or Be Changed: Premiere

In January we launched ‘Change Or Be Changed’, our first ever young composers commission.  After a nation-wide call out, and a large number of incredible applications, we selected Benjamin Finney and Michael-Jon (MJ) Mizra as our two composers. Over the past few months, Benjamin and MJ have been working, under mentors and professional composers Ben Cottrell and Sara Lowes, to compose new work in response to the changing times of the music industry. The commission has seen Benjamin and MJ travel to the MaerzMusik Festival in Berlin, discovering new technologies and contemporary techniques, using their bursaries to invest in new equipment, travel and research to support their work.

True to the genre-free brief, Benjamin and MJ have each composed a body of work that defies traditional music genres. Their pieces are experimental. They cross art forms, making using of audiovisual performance, and mix acoustic instruments with electronic sounds.

“We wanted to place complete creative freedom at the heart of these commissions, allowing Benjamin and MJ to use their bursaries and their time as they pleased. We think it’s of real significance and importance that emerging composers can be paid to create work as well as supported to develop their ideas.” – Sara Lowes

The pair also had opportunities to explore elements of their public image taking part in press shots, interviews and film.

We’re delighted to present their new work on BBC Music Day as part of Test Card Live, a monthly platform for artists, filmmakers and VJs working in the area of audiovisual performance. Find out more…