Director’s blog: Emerging Musicians programmes

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Our Director blogs on our new emerging musicians strands, and Brighter Sound’s motivations and aspirations around our programmes to develop emerging creative talent

Director's blog: Emerging Musicians programmes
8th March 2017

Our Director blogs on our new emerging musicians strands, and Brighter Sound’s motivations and aspirations around our programmes to develop emerging creative talent

Brighter Sound Director, Debra King blogs about our ambition and motivations for our new Emerging Musicians programmes

I am really pleased that thanks to the support of Help Musicians UK and ACE we are able to launch two significant programme strands for emerging musicians – ‘Classics and Experimental’ and ‘Sound and Vision’.

For the last six years now, we have grown and built our offer for musicians at the beginning of their career, to a point where we now have a solid, inspirational programme with national reach for emerging musicians, producing residencies and commissions with strong and diverse industry role models.

We have done this through offering ground-breaking opportunities for artists to test ideas, experiment and progress creatively. The offer of time and space to work collaboratively together alongside the artistic direction of a respected artist has resulted in epiphany moments – triggering an authentic understanding of creative next steps for the emerging artist involved.

As Bethan, a residency participant, so aptly put it;

“It’s the sort of opportunity that money can’t buy, that decides a career, turns on a light…  the kind of opportunity that can give someone the boost they need for stepping into the next generation of British music.”

Both ‘Classics and Experimental’ and ‘Sound and Vision’ will build on this work, with weekenders, residencies and commissions championed by fantastic and diverse artists from the industry. In addition we are now able to offer sustainable professional development through our ‘independent artist strategy’ programme for music creators, enabling them to build a foundation from which to become innovators in their own career and contributors to a fairer and more sustainable music industry.

Brighter Sound’s focus and priority here is two-fold. Firstly, to champion and support emerging musicians by creating the conditions to enable them to develop their artistic confidence and originality. Secondly, to stimulate and encourage future thinking with a view to shaping and influencing the music industry and promoting the need for a diverse and equal sector.

The intersection of both of these priorities is creativity. Creativity is simply at the heart of everything Brighter Sound does. I believe it powers and creates momentum for the artists we work with and drives future thinking across the broader music and arts sector. It is also an essential ingredient to our own development as a fleet of foot, responsive company.

And as these quotes suggest, it is through creativity that we are all encouraged to develop and celebrate not just excellence, but diversity, individualism, artistic endeavour and risk.


“Brighter Sound continues to raise the bar in terms of music making opportunities and bridging the gap between the industry – what an amazing show and project and what a legacy for the participants.”Audience member, Imogen Heap

It was a challenge and completely different from anything I’ve ever done before. I’ve never worked with this kind of intensity with this many people in such a short period of time. It was something special to come up with this in a week and then do a show – I’m really blown away by it and exhausted in a very satisfied way” DJ Yoda

I loved Graphene Suite. Sara’s music was beautiful and evocative, and so well performed. Loved the visuals too. I had to close my eyes at times as there was so much to take in, and was delighted by what I saw each time I looked again.Audience member, Sara Lowes’ Graphene commission performance