Meet Drake Music’s commission winner Ben Lunn

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Meet Drake Music’s commission winner Ben Lunn

We’re excited to announce Ben Lunn as the winner of Emergent Commission, a new commission opportunity in partnership with Drake Music for deaf and disabled musicians.

“The theme of ‘Music and the Environment’ is an intriguing one, due to the broadness of the subject and the far-reaching implications. For me, the best way to approach this theme, as well as addressing the very nature of being disabled; is to consider the implications of music and the environment in which the disabled live. To explore what it means to be a disabled music maker in the world we live in. A world in which Fascism is on the rise, the disabled are suffering the brunt of the government’s cuts, and people are still eager to ‘cure’ us. This combined with grander international problems like global warming, financial chaos, and the looming possibility of war; where on earth do we fit in? Where and how do the disabled respond?” — Ben Lunn

Ben will receive mentoring and support from Drake Music and partners to deliver his final piece.

“Drake Music are really excited to be partnering with Brighter Sound to uncover and develop exciting new talent like Ben Lunn. Ben’s proposal for the commission was full of passion and energy and promises to consider big political questions which affect all of our lives. We can’t wait to hear it!” — Daryl Beeton, Arts & Partnerships Manager

About Emergent

Emergent: A Music Legacy is a programme designed to open up new opportunities for disabled musicians to develop their portfolios in terms of new commissions and training opportunities to work in music education.

Emergent is supported by Help Musicians UK.