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20th January 2020


hurguf is a Dj, a pin holder and a master of disguise. Hailing from Bolton, she grew up on funk, folk and Soukous by day, and found her sound trawling the live music scene of Manchester by night. Championing representation in electronic music, her unique narrative draws influences from the great lakes all the way to the Horn of Africa. When she’s not gassin the ting, you can find her rooting for Somali and Ethiopian deep cuts, mixing it up in the kitchen or reviving people in need.

“Since I am embarking on the first of many creative journeys, I am most excited about learning about myself as an artist. I am looking forward to developing my skills with music technology and connecting/collaborating with like minded people. Experiencing mentorship and vulnerability within a creative space is something new for me and will allow me to gain insight and also learn how to explore my ideas.”

hurguf recommends…
NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert – Megan Thee Stallion
The Face – Dj YK
No One Knows – Brent Faiyaz
On God – Kanye West