Rachael Gibson

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Rachael Gibson

14th January 2020

Rachael Gibson

Rachael Gibson is a guitarist and composer for instruments and electronics. She has become increasingly interested in exploring music as a multi-sensory experience centred around the concept of ‘touch’ and interaction between composers, performers, their instruments and audiences in different ways. A part of her practice focuses on how electronics can play with our expectations of the relationship between sound and interaction, highlighting the way we interact with each other and objects both positively and negatively.

“I’m really looking forward to going to the John Rylands Library to look at the Delia Derbyshire Archive and discovering what we can learn from the collection. I also can’t wait to work with Bishi, Caro C and Andrea Pazos as well as the other womxn taking part in the residency and seeing what amazing music comes from the five days together!”

Rachael recommends…
Currently I’ve been listening to Beszelcoma by Varun Kishore, a drone-based, noisy treat which contains some amazing textures and sounds. The EP is based on some graphic scores for live electronics which fold on top of each other, like layers of different sound worlds.

I also love a piece by Marissa Deitz called Ghost for ensemble and electronics, which has some gorgeous writing for the voices and harmonic ideas which create some seriously eerie vibes.