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Art for Earth’s Sake

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An evening of live music exploring environmental issues and celebrating our Earth with performances from emerging Manchester talent.

Art for Earth’s Sake focuses on using music as a tool to raise awareness around climate change, and also celebrate the earth’s beauty. All performers are young musicians from Sing City, our regular songwriting sessions, who have been working over the last two months to write new music that explores this topic.

We’re delighted that this live night will form part of one of our young musicians’ Gold Arts Award.

“I have always found art and music to be a powerful and effective way to communicate, so I decided for my project that I would use this platform to spread a message which I care about a lot: the environment. As a planet, we are currently facing great environmental issues but not everyone has the same sense of urgency. Music has always had the power to spread powerful messages in a positive way so I wanted to produce an evening of new music based around this theme” – Maisie

Find out how you can complete an Arts Award with us by clicking here.