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Found Sounds at The Atkinson

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Join Sky Music Hub and Brighter Sound for a unique opportunity to make, record and perform new music with other young creatives aged 13-18 at The Atkinson in Southport.

Whether you’re a young musician, budding composer or up and coming producer, Found Sounds will give you the chance to collaborate, experiment and team up with professional artists to create your very own musical masterpiece.

Found Sounds will see you explore The Atkinson to find new sounds, record samples of what you find and create remixes to produce original music. Over the course of five days you will explore and respond to artworks and museum collections to create brand new music and visuals.

This project will allow you to:

  • Develop skills in beat making, DJing, vocal techniques, songwriting, production, artistic collaboration
  • Collaborate with a team of skilled professional artists
  • Meet other young creatives
  • Experiment with the sounds and archives
  • Make, record and perform new music
  • Explore the building to record new sounds and produce remixes

This project takes place from Monday 29 May* to Friday 2 June at The Atkinson in Southport.

*Please note on Monday 29 May the session will start at 11am. The rest of the week’s sessions will start at 10am.

Sign up at found sounds-theatkinson.eventbrite.co.uk


For more information contact: