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Modul:Meets – Space Afrika

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Modul:Projects and Brighter Sound present the final events in the Modul:Meets series of free sessions for anyone interested in electronic music composition, production and performance.

Each Modul:Meets session will feature a different artist working at the forefront of electronic and experimental music, providing an insight into their live performance and recording methods, as well as tips and advice for your own work.

Modul:Meets sessions are open to all ages and are free but must be booked online in advance.

Modul:Meets schedule

28 March – Kelly Jayne Jones
04 April – LOFT
11 April – Space Afrika

About Space Afrika

With their slow-stepping, spacious urban dubscapes, Space Afrika harness ambient, Detroit techno and shades of early nineties Sheffield with a fresh and open approach to composition — this is dub techno stripped-down, sealed in a time capsule and sent back from the near future. Driving, echo-laden deep beats form the bed for a heavily subaquatic sound palette with undercurrents of cybernetic dread.

Friends for almost 2 decades, the two Joshuas formed Space Afrika after years of listening to music together, heavily inspired by the industrial architecture of Northwest England and notions of travel; their sonic framework evokes images of rust and disintegrating concrete, and sensations of movement and redemption.

Closely associated with Where To Now?, who slink along a vintage axis of post-punk, On-U Sound, minimal and no wave influences, Space Afrika’s diverse and creative radio shows (notably their residencies on NTS and Reform Radio) also display a breadth of curiosities in experimental and avant-garde music, old and new.

With a bank of machines at their disposal, Space Afrika will give you an unique insight into the inner workings of their post-industrial deep dub odysseys.


Modul:Projects is a collective of electronic musicians and artists. They explore methods for collaboration within electronic and experimental music through unique artistic residencies and events, focusing on innovation within electronic composition and non-traditional live performance.