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Music Works: Understanding Music Theory Summer 2016

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Brighter Sound presents Music Works…Understanding Music Theory.  A new course for summer 2016 for practicing musicians of all genres and levels.

Knowledge is power so power what you play! Develop and improve understanding of music theory to enhance the way you play and write. A series of eight weekly sessions with guitarist, composer and teacher, Neil C Young and introducing the enigmatic “DR SMITH”.

Theory is at work every time we tune into music. Whether that is pressing play on a track, hitting a drum, singing, playing an instrument or even listening to the world around us. As soon as we organise sound into a beginning, a middle and an end, seven musical elements kick into action that create the marvel that is music.

The course divides and explores these elements into categories: Dynamics, Rhythm, Structure, Melody, Instrumentation, Texture and Harmony; hence, DR SMITH.

Working through these elements using your creative skills as practicing musicians, you will quickly gain a deeper practical understanding of how they work and combine to form the tracks that you know and compose. PLEASE BRING AN INSTRUMENT TO PLAY IF YOU CAN.

Areas covered include:

• Rhythm and notation

• Tonalities

• Using musical structure and form

• Developing an arrangement

• Dynamics, instrumentation and texture

• Playback and uses of theoretical knowledge in performance and creative settings.


Additional Information

Day: Tues

Times: 7-9pm

Dates: 19, 26 April. 3,10, 17, 24 May. 7, 14 June.

Price: £80 full course or £15 per two hour session (booking fees apply)

Venue: Brighter Sound Workshop Room at Band on the Wall


Any queries please email info@brightersound.com or call 0161 830 3899.