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Sing City: Neil C Young workshop

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We're delighted to welcome Neil C Young to Sing City this November to lead two arrangement workshops.

Neil will deliver two special workshops on 11 and 18 November focussing on style, arrangement and music theory to support your song writing and composition.

Having been nominated for a Grammy twice, it’s only a matter a time before the big-wide-world get hold of him but until then, we get the advantage of having him with us at Sing City.

Watching Neil play is like watching someone who is fluent in second language. After initially being impressed by the sounds, you then start looking at the technical ability and fluidity and finally feel slightly envious that so much talent is within one person! Mat Short

Our free Sing City sessions continue to build, develop and nourish the talent of young people by incorporating regular performance opportunities into our programme. Sessions are led by a team of expert vocalists and music educators who all work professionally in the music industry, this fantastic team includes Sara Lowes (Solo artist and composer) and Yvonne Shelton (Gloria Estefan, Simply Red, George Michael).

At the end of every month, there is a Sing City Live under 18's performance night where everybody comes together to perform live on stage, to an invited audience, at Band on the Wall.

Sing City is free and open to young people aged 13 - 18.

Contact sara@brightersound.com to enquire.


Additional event information

Weds 7 Oct, 6-8pm: Songwriting and Production Masterclass with special guests Field Music

Weds 14 Oct, 6-8pm: Sing City session: developing production skills

Weds 21 Oct, 7-9pm: Sing City Live with Rising Stars


Weds 4 Nov, 6-8pm: Sing City session: open session

Weds 11 Nov and 18 Nov, 6-8pm: Arrangement workshops with Neil C Young

Weds 25 Nov, 6-8pm: Songwriting and Production Masterclass with special guests Blossoms


Weds 2 Dec, 6-8pm: Songwriting and Production Masterclass with The Futureheads frontman Barry Hyde

Weds 9 Dec, 6-8pm: Sing City Session: studio recording

Weds 16 Dec, 7-9pm: Sing City Christmas Special