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Test Card Live: 007 #BBCMusicDay

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Brighter Sound and Test Card present Test Card Live: 007, a night of new commissions, audiovisual performance and experimentation, delivered as part of BBC Music Day.

Test Card Live is a showcase of artists, musicians and performers exploring the development of new technologies and techniques in the area of audiovisual performance.  The seventh edition of the showcase will feature a headline performance from audio visual artist Michael Lightborne, commissioned work from Benjamin Finney and Michael-Jon Mizra, and  Test Card resident video artist Elle Bulger.  We commissioned Benjamin and Michael-Jon through our ‘Change Or Be Changed’ programme to write an original piece of music, of any genre, in response to the changing times of the music industry.  We’re delighted to premiere their work at Texture, one of Manchester’s coolest new venues as part of Test Card Live.  Doors will be open from 7pm.

As part of a wider celebration for BBC Music Day, we’re also excited to present an afternoon workshop with the Noise Orchestra. Find out more and book.



Michael Lightborne: Lost Cities

Lost Cities / Difference Engine is an audiovisual performance that draws upon the notion of the anthropophage – the culture eater and armchair traveller – to find a route into a pulsating neon jungle of tribalism and myth, re-tooled for a confusing neo-liberal present. Weaponised plants and psycho-active waters, oil-black skies and ritual sleepwalking. Ideology is magic, and the air is thick with it.


Benjamin Finney
A multidisciplinary composer and producer from Stoke-on-Trent. Recent projects include Brighter Sound’s Everything Everything residency at Manchester Central Library, as well as a new composition for a stop motion animation film ‘Lepus Fagus’ created by Laura Spark. Ben’s current work ‘Ambient Postcard’ explores the average listening time of a new audience.

Michael-Jon Mizra

A musician and composer from Manchester, Michael-Jon studied music at The University of Leeds developing a strong interest in technology, composition and musicology. Exploring non-traditional methods of performance. MJ has recently been working with composer Kaffe Matthews as part of her Bicrophonic Research Institute, creating thematic material that was used in a protest ride through London during the COP21 talks.


Elle Bulger

Test Card resident Elle Bulger is known for her impactful and political digital works, she will be performing a new work in collaboration with a special guest tbc.



About Test Card

Test Card is a community exploring the development of new technologies and techniques in the area of audio visual performance. The wider programme includes Test Card Live, a platform for artists, filmmakers and VJ’s to showcase new work and the Test Card Talk Programme which invites both local and internationally leading artists, filmmakers, VJ’s and digital creatives to share the journey of their careers and give sneak peeks of new work. Events conclude with Q&A’s which allow the audience to engage directly with leaders in creative fields. Events have included the artist Robert Henke, Christopher Allan of London Studio The Light Surgeons, Manchester resident Emmanuel Biard and party collaborations with the likes of FutureEverything and Bohemian Grove.



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