Hitting the ground running at Brighter Sound

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Tunde Adeyoka, the newest member of our team, blogs about hitting the ground running at Brighter Sound in his role as Project Manager for Engagement.

Hitting the ground running at Brighter Sound
3rd March 2016

Tunde Adeyoka, the newest member of our team, blogs about hitting the ground running at Brighter Sound in his role as Project Manager for Engagement.

Tunde Adeyoka is the newest member of the Brighter Sound team.  He joined us the start of the year as a Project Manager focusing on a number of strands through our our strategic partnership programme with Youth Music. Tunde’s leading on youth leadership and engagement opportunities supporting Youth Music’s vision that life-changing music-making is available to all children and young people.  

Outside of Brighter Sound, he’s the co-founder of Big People Music; a night and record label based in Manchester, as well as co-founder of Platform MCR; a network which looks to promote and nuture creative leadership.  Here he blogs about his Brighter Sound experience so far…

So it’s been eight weeks since I’ve embarked on this new journey as a Project Manager at Brighter Sound and the term “hitting the ground running” couldn’t make anymore sense. I’m in the thick of it and loving the experience with each week that passes.

I mean it’s been a real contrast from week number one when you’re getting to know the organisation – its working culture, the policies and procedures, your colleagues (which extends into members from Band on the Wall and our team of experienced practitioners), the young people and older individuals who access the provision – to weeks four to eight.  This last month I’ve been mapping things out; the brand and ambition of the organisation, an artist development program for young aspiring musicians, identifying key partners and advocates in the city, events programming, commissions for new pieces of work in unconventional spaces using old-school resources with central library, organising a day of workshops in conjunction with special guest artists, and of course our most recent Young Musicians Week.  This week long residency during February half term saw 30+ young people engage with learning instruments, learning alternative styles of music, recording new compositions of their own, getting one to one tuition in singing and recording music and having masterclasses with established musicians who have been in the music industry for years.

Some people would say that all of the above could be seen as one year’s worth of work and in another organisation I would probably agree, but not at Brighter Sound. In fact, I am only skimming the surface as there is so much more in the pipeline.  I’ve really only mentioned a percentile of the stuff we do, not to forget that we make a mean brew! (tea just in case you don’t know).

For me this is very important as I thrive off ideas and the ability and support to deliver them in tangible and obscure ways. I think I’m going to like it here (he says as he kicks off his shoes, leans back in his chair with a nice herbal tea). I doubt you will ever get rid of me. 😉

Here’s to the future.

For more information contact: tunde@brightersound.com | 0161 830 3975