Imogen Heap: meet the musicians

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Imogen Heap: meet the musicians

We’re thrilled to announce the ten talented artists selected by Imogen Heap to collaborate during an exciting week-long residency with a focus on cutting-edge technology. Imogen will lead on the creation of a mini-ecosystem around specially written music and film, to be unveiled to the public on the evening of Thursday 6 October at Band on the Wall.

The talented group – whose skills outside music making include coding, graphic design, gestural interfacing and instrument making – have amongst them a film composer who’s worked with LEGO®, an artist nominated for UK country radio’s ‘Best UK male artist’ award, a composer for Jamie Cullum, a Barbican-commissioned composer, an Anna Meredith-collaborator and a researcher and electronic composer in surround sound composition.

The group have an ambitious task ahead – to create, record, mix, master and release a song and video (to a live audience) in just five days – and document the whole process. The group will connect to Imogen’s pioneering ‘Mycelia’ initiative that uses blockchain technology to continuously record, trace and track ‘the life of a song’ – its journey from an initial spark of an idea right through to distribution online. By helping to create a networked database for music copyright information, Imogen hopes to challenge outdated music industry models, enliven the music ecosystem and create a fair and sustainable industry.

There are so many facets to being a recording artist and technology is moving so incredibly fast. It’s vital artists are brought into the front and centre for who these technologies shape our own futures” – Imogen Heap

The residency is the seventh in Brighter Sound’s Artistic Directors Series which aims to support artists in all stages of their careers, giving them the time and space to experiment.

Imogen Heap: The Life of a Song is on Thursday 6 October, 8pm at Band on the Wall, Manchester. Book tickets.

The artists in residence with Imogen Heap are:

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