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Tess Tyler

27th September 2016

Tess Tyler

Tess Tyler – a composer for film and video games. She’s worked with many ensembles, including the English Session Orchestra and the Bratislava Symphony. Her work encompasses a marriage between organic instrumentation and experimental, innovative technology. Tess’s musical philosophy is to find an ever-growing honesty in everything she creates; from the intimacy of her songs, to her orchestral works for visual media.

“I’ve followed and marvelled at Imogen’s work since the release of I Megaphone, and trust in everything that she does as an artist and music technology innovator. Her music was a fundamental building block in giving me the courage to make composing my career, and still continues to inspire me in my songwriting. I can’t thank her enough for the beautiful impact she’s had on me, and nor can I imagine anything more rewarding than being able to give her something back.”

tesstyler.com | soundcloud.com/tesstyler | /tesstylermusic | @TessMakesMusic