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Cecilia Nicolè

11th August 2020

Cecilia Nicolè

Cecilia Nicolè was always immersed in a musical environment and she began studying the violin at age 5. Despite that, she always knew singing was her passion and she began writing her first songs aged 14, then studying composition for film and media just after high school and gigging throughout Italy. With her music being very influenced by British bands and singer-songwriters, in 2018 she moved to Leeds where she’s studying Film Music at Leeds College of Music. Cecilia is currently in the studio recording her debut EP.

A piece of film or TV music that I really love is…

“Danny Elfman’s works, especially his collaborations with Tim Burton. His unique and eclectic style are what mainly brought me to study film music and be a composer. I think it is really interesting because his music is really influenced by other genres and I think it is still a stigma nowadays for film composers to make their music sound original and not like anything you have heard before. With his works he’s able to not only blend the music with the plot and the visuals but actually, forging his own world into the film. His works are properly sounding images.”

IG: @tiltedmoonsmusic