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We’re pleased to announce the six Digital Creatives who will be creating new online content exploring and responding to our current season Let’s Reconnect.

Meet the Digital Creatives
15th December 2020

We’re pleased to announce the six Digital Creatives who will be creating new online content exploring and responding to our current season Let’s Reconnect.

We’re pleased to announce the six Digital Creatives who’ll be producing new online work in response to our current season theme ‘Let’s Reconnect’.

Back in October we launched the season to start conversations and share what’s important to us, at a time when we’ve all been disconnected, and staying connected feels more important than ever.

Following an open call-out we’ve chosen six people from the North of England, including audio producers, artists and photographers, to create new digital content that interrogates themes of connection, disconnection and reconnection in bold, exciting and personal ways.

Experimental music producer Grace Stubbings (AKA ‘gr4ace’), will be composing a collection of music that represents people’s varying experiences of the pandemic.

“Each track will be focused on a different topic relating to what people, myself included, have connected, re-connected or disconnected with this past year.”

Freelance photographer Abbie Jennings is looking to highlight the positive impact of live music on our mental health through a crowdsourced collection of voice clips, photos and stories from music lovers across the world. 

“Music has the ability to change lives, it helps people, it unites people, it creates memories that last a lifetime.”

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Musician and videographer Amber Jay is creating a mini documentary showcasing queer artists from the North West, to increase visible and positive representation and inspire others.

“Growing up, I looked up to a lot of queer music artists to instil confidence within myself. I hope this will show those wanting to pursue similar paths that they can also exist within these environments.”

Artist and experimental musician Daniel Bryden (AKA Days Like Television) is creating an audio collage of connections and disconnections using environmental sounds, digital manipulation, and a fractured spoken narrative.

“It’s a creative dialogue which explores memory, family, and northern artistic heritage, using experimental modes of storytelling to invite the listener to endlessly re-contextualise and re-connect.”

Audio producer and artist Rosie Parsons is making an audio piece about musicians on tour, bringing to life memories and experiences to take the listener ‘on tour’.

“I’m often struck that the prevailing narrative of touring is about men in rock bands having a wild time. I’d like to tell a new story.”

Alternative RnB singer, songwriter, presenter and creative entrepreneur Ky Russell (AKA iamkyami) is creating a video series that gives new artists an insight into how to jump start their music career.

“While there are tons of videos about “making it in the music industry”, I rarely ever see any led by artists living the experiences talked about.”

Between now and Jan 2021 they’ll each be working on bringing their exciting proposals to life. We for one can’t wait! More details will be revealed in the New Year…

This project is made possible by support from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.