Meet the Manifesto Makers

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Meet the four creative minds supporting the creation of Urban Projections’ audiovisual installation.

Meet the Manifesto Makers
3rd March 2022

Meet the four creative minds supporting the creation of Urban Projections’ audiovisual installation.

Meet the four creative minds supporting the creation of Urban Projections’ audiovisual installation.

Next week is the world premiere of Urban Projections’ (Rebecca Smith) installation at Depot Mayfield. Soundtracked by Loraine James, with spoken word from Princess Arinola Adegbite, the event marks the launch of our bold new manifesto for gender equality in music.

As part of this installation, four creative minds have supported all parts of the process. From conceptualisation to the ins-and-outs of the technical design and install. 

“Having this opportunity has encouraged me to be an independent VJ and projection mapper. I have my first solo gig in April and have been developing an idea with a local sound system. I wouldn’t be doing either of those things without the opportunity provided by Brighter Sound and the skills and confidence I have got from working with Urban Projections.” – Michelle

The piece itself responds to the call for change and equality in music in our manifesto. On creating the work Rebecca said, “The creation of the installation, and the process of creating it, represents a shift in equilibrium. The whole piece pivots around ideas of addressing a rebalance. I was really interested to explore these ideas of parity, and how we reach that point of change.

Working in Rebecca’s studio the creatives became familiar with the technical elements and of the voluminous, light focused installation. They also got a closer look at how it would feel at full scale with a session in Adlib’s studio.

“It’s been fascinating to learn about the project as a whole, from how Rebecca approached the brief in the first place and experimenting with ideas in her studio, to seeing the concepts brought to life at the tech day at Adlib. We normally only see the end result of other people’s artistic process, so it’s been enlightening to see how things develop and change along the way. I’m very excited about seeing it all come together – and hoping I can get started on my own light-based projects very soon too!” – Louisa

You can check out the installation for free as part of All Things Equal on Tuesday 8 March from 7pm, or from 4-7pm on Wednesday 9 March

Find out more about our Manifesto Makers…

Louisa Parry is an early-career mixed media artist & arts producer, mostly working with textiles, ceramics and paint. She creates abstract work with a focus on texture, and is interested in the contrast of chaos & control: be it in the distinction between nature & the built environment in the outer world, or exploring concepts around mental health in our inner spaces.

Michelle Wren works in many forms and scales mostly from materials sourced from industrial waste. She builds sets and projection maps them, video edits, animates and experiments with AR. She runs a DIY TV channel Projectile Vomit TV where she experiments with blending digital and analogue media and techniques and she co-runs Dingle Community Print Workshop a screen-printing workshop for low/unwaged people.

Veronica Harradence uses her skills as an Intelligent Automation Developer to create generative art in her spare time. She is interested in the artistic exploration of code and how it can be reimagined to be more accessible, engaging and reflective.

Alexis Maxwell is an interdisciplinary storyteller and emerging artist based across the North West.Using a blend of text, tech and animation she explores her lived experience of sexuality, mental illness and racial injustice. Reaching across disciplines to discover ways of creating contemporary folklore and fairytale, with a keen interest in projection and its relationship to performance. Self-taught animator and long-time fan of all things spoken word, she draws from community-based practices to breathe life into autoethnographic poetry.