Push:Music – applications closed

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Modul:Projects and Brighter Sound announce Push:Music – an artistic residency and performance series for emerging electronic musicians. Apply now…

Push:Music - applications closed
6th July 2017

Modul:Projects and Brighter Sound announce Push:Music – an artistic residency and performance series for emerging electronic musicians. Apply now…

Modul:Projects and Brighter Sound present Push:Music, an artistic residency and performance series for emerging electronic musicians at Band on the Wall.

We are looking for six electronic musicians, producers and sound artists of any age* to join us for a series of specially designed weekly workshops focusing on collaboration, improvisation and live performance.


This is a unique opportunity to work intensively alongside diverse artists to develop your skills and create new works, which will be shared in a performance at Texture. Participants will also premiere new collaborative and solo works in a live session on Reform Radio.

Modul:Projects is a collective of electronic musicians and artists. We explore methods for collaboration within electronic and experimental music through unique artistic residencies and events. The residency will be led by our experienced team of facilitators.

Application information:

All electronic musicians* (composers, performers, producers etc.) are invited to apply.

*Musicians must be aged 16+

Workshops will run on Wednesdays from 6-9pm at Band on the Wall on the following dates:

13, 20, 27 Sept.

4, 11, 18, 25 Oct.

1 Nov.

Performance: Weds 8 Nov at Texture

Live session: Sat 2 Dec at Reform Radio (daytime)

Applicants must be available to attend all sessions and performances in person.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Mon 14 Aug, midnight


You can download the applciation form questions so that you can prepare your answers, but applications must be submitted online.**

**We are committed to supporting and meeting the needs of people with learning difficulties or disabilities. If you require the application in a different format or have difficulty completing your application online, please call Modul:Projects to discuss alternative options on 07715 628964 during normal working hours. If you can’t get through, please leave a message with your name and contact details.

For more information about Modul:Projects and previous Push:Music projects please visit modulprojects.com or email dan@modulprojects.com

Previous participants have said:

“The project was an eye-opening experience, which has enabled me to get a taste of what it’s like playing live collaboratively. I’m really grateful to have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people – their advice and support has given me more knowledge and confidence when approaching my own musical projects. I am now more open towards critical feedback and have received a tonne of new information on how to professionally perform music live.”

“It pushed me into new areas, working with people I had just met to organise and develop a full showcase of material. The material on the course exposed me to what is required of anyone who wishes to pursue work in the creative industry. It also opened my eyes to the variety of options available to a person, and made the whole area seem less dark and daunting.”

“It was a great project, allowing me and five others to not only learn about live performance, but actually get to perform at Band on the Wall. It was a great confidence boost for any aspiring producer and I would recommend it to any up and coming producers.”

“The idea of creating material in a really loose way was something that was mentioned a lot – creating musical material that you can then sample, analyse or otherwise use is a simple but really useful idea for me since I almost always have a pre-determined use for a sound. I’ve been using it in tandem with a stronger reliance on randomness to create sounds that surprise me.”