Shake Rattle & Roll

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Shake Rattle & Roll

Brighter Sound presents Shake Rattle & Roll – music making sessions for children aged 0-4.

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Explore instruments, create sounds, sing songs, dance, move, socialise and make a big noise. Give your children the opportunity to explore, learn and build musical skills and understanding. Learn new songs and lots of musically interactive activities and games to continue to sing and play at home.

There are two 50 minute sessions each date. These are:

• 10-10.50am

• 11-11.50am

Sessions are led by the brilliant Beth Bishop. The age range is flexible.

Shake Rattle & Roll sessions include new songs composed by Beth Bishop as well as old favourites. They incorporate dance, movement and actions, and use toys, puppets and props. Above all they are a fun activity for families to share. The sessions have become very popular with parents who want to enjoy a music experience with their little one in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. There are lots of instruments to explore and lots of new friends to meet.

Shake Rattle & Roll music sessions can:

• Help to develop communication, language and speech

• Improve coordination and motor skills

• Build social skills (amongst parents too!)

• Encourage self-confidence and self-awareness

• Support exploration, play and learning in a safe environment

• Promote the parent/child bond with activities to do at home

Instruments, changing facilities, floor mats, comfy chairs and refreshments are all provided.

Beth Bishop has worked as a music leader since 2002 specialising in Early Years and working widely with children and young people. She has composed songs, created and resourced her own programmes and has run training for other professionals in Early Years music provision.

We also sell exclusive Shake Rattle & Roll CDs with new songs composed by Beth as well as old favourites for every family to enjoy at home. Here’s Volume 4 for you to enjoy…

Shake Rattle & Roll is funded by Youth Music and Manchester City Council.