Caro C is an electronic music maker, performer and producer, once described as a “one woman electronic avalanche”. 

Caro is one of the lead artists on our Making Waves residency – a week-long music tech project for young women aged 13-18. The group will perform a brand-new sound installation featuring cutting-edge music tech and ‘found sounds’ as part of our fourth instalment of The Hexagon Experiment on Friday 24 August.

More about Caro C

Caro has performed at many prestigious venues and festivals including Festival Number 6, Bluedot festival, Bridgewater Hall, Museum of Science and Industry, Band on the Wall and The Royal Institute of Science.

Another of Caro’s impressive achievements is her role in setting up Delia Derbyshire Day – an electronic music charity championing female electronic music artists past, present and future. Some of Delia’s work has been collected and kept at John Rylands Library in Manchester, which DD Day has been granted full access to, meaning her work can continue to inspire other innovators in electronic sounds.

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Caro C’s Spotify Playlist

In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country – Boards of Canada

I listened to BOC a lot when I was starting out making music and was enchanted by the atmospheres of the wonky synths and slick spacious beats. I was living in a double decker bus mainly in the North East of England at that time, so watched many a sunset listening to this stuff.

Everything I Do Gohn Be Funky (From Now On) – Lee Dorsey

I find this track so funky – minimal and repetitive but it oozes zen like composure. It just does the job, simply and boldly.

Congatron – Bunty 

I love Bunty! She has an instinctive musicality which resonates and she’s just such a musical pixie I think more people should hear.

Crystalline – Bjork

The pixie queen has been with me since her debut album. I think you have to admire her authenticity as an artist truly expressing herself, her technical nouse and power to wo-manifest her creative visions. I love how she’s out there, deep in there and still so popular. I love the lyrics in this track, the crazy timing and the cathartic drum n bass tantrum at the end.

Super Sharp Shooter – The Ganja Kru

I’m having a bit of a 90’s club music revival and well, Super Sharp Shooter is a classic!

V To the Dub – Caro Snatch

A stomper I made under my previous moniker Caro Snatch. I wrote this track while I was living in Berlin, where I went after flying my nurturing musical nest of Newcastle.

Tomorrow Never Knows – The Beatles

The rolling drums and tape effects on this track gets me dancing like a dervish and the unrivalled lo-mid texture of the tape production still blows me away.

Heartmind Preylude – Caro C

Sorry, me again! I have gone from banging out tunes on a drum machine to getting all refined sculpting sound and teaching myself to play piano. I find Kate Moran doesn’t half make a violin sing, with her soaring lines amidst the crunchy beats, deep bass and found sounds – listen out for ice cubes clinking in a glass and that lovely sizzle a hot frying pan makes under cold water.  I’m always drawing from many genres and I guess this is my neo-classical, musique concrète phase.

Nightbook – Ludovico Einaudi 

This dude has a way of tinkling them ivories for me, you can  probably hear his influence in the last track. I enjoyed this album with Robert Lippok on electronics.

Amore – Ryuichi Sakamoto

Ryuichi has been with me for years too. His music is a meditation for me. So gracefully expressed and emotionally integrated.

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