As electronic music producer, record label owner, DJ, club night organiser and newly appointed Operations and Finance Officer at Brighter Sound, Freddie Aitken (aka Ayrtan), has been a key part of the Manchester techno and music scene for some time.

“The following 10 tracks are a homage of sorts to the wackiness, beauty and innovation made possible by electrifying music. I hope you enjoy or, at the very least, hear something a little different.”

Knee Play 3 – Philip Glass

I’m on a bit of a Philip Glass hype at the moment. Can’t get enough. After seeing ‘Tao of Glass’ at Manchester International Festival the other month, I thought it appropriate to open with him here.

Mansana – Anenon (FOF 164LP)

This track is both transcendentally beautiful and meticulously designed. An almost atonal, disjointed and slightly unsettling sax solo falls from its lofty space in free form to alight in the form of exquisite, melodic repetition. This is just a lovely, lovely piece. Bit of a tearjerker for me.

Circle of Light, Pt 2 – Delia Derbyshire & Elsa Stansfield

Delia Derbyshire: the “unsung hero” of electronic music. She took music to its extremes in so many ways, both technically and sonically. This is a soundtrack taken from a short film made in partnership with Elsa Stansfield and commissioned by Anthony Roland. We’d all do well to remember that without her and so many pioneering female electronic producers it may well have been the case that the following tracks would never have been made…

Voiceprint: Voice Three – Mike Parker (GPH04)

There are so many gorgeous club ready Mike Parker tracks that I’ve surprised even myself by pulling out a beatless one. I just love the atmosphere in this. It’s anti-music at its finest. If you like this or think that you want to hear what kind of techno the guy who created this would make, I highly recommend you check him out.

And On – Cio D’Or (Telrae 026)

I only ‘found’ this producer the other day when they popped up in a set I was listening to. Turns out I already own a couple of records produced by them. You might have already realised that I like texture in music…a lot. And the textures in this are glorious. So, I like it…a lot.

Auto Wave – Kilner (AVN027)

Sit back, shut your eyes and let yourself be swallowed up by the analogue warmth. If you’ll allow me to zoomophisize here (good word, might not be real), I would imagine this track as some kind of bio-mechanical leviathan, lumbering through a barren wasteland or something. Picture that… Good piece of music.

002 Archiefkwestie – SENDAI (EMEGO232)

Ok, this one, and maybe the last one.…and maybe a couple before, are quite challenging. But that’s the fun of it. Producers like this are pushing music forward; clearing the space for the emerging musicians of today to feel that they can be as varied and weird as they like. I love this kind of uneasy listening music. And this one isn’t that odd… Wait long enough and you’ll get a straight kick. But the rest of the LP is pretty out-there (not to mention beautiful, exquisite and phenomenally produced).

Elements (Daniel Ruane ‘Biotic’ Recycle) – Tropical Interface (Hyperboloid Records)

This is here because I can attribute one of my top clubbing moments to this song. Danny (the guy who made this track) my mate Gemma, and MJ (who’s a practitioner for Brighter Sound) were at Gorilla watching Objekt play and, out of nowhere, he dropped this. Obviously, we all got a little bit overexcited.

Shout out to Danny though for breaking all kinds of sonic rules in this one. He deserves every bit of hype he’s getting right now.

Cascade Effect – Barker (O-TON112)

I want this record so badly but a friend of mine, who I have a no-duplicate-records agreement with, got there first. It’s just a joy to listen to. Clean production, uplifting progression and the stabby-est of synths make this one of the best beatless techno tracks out there.

Warzsawa – David Bowie

From Glass, to Mike Parker and back to Bowie, this has been a bumpy ride of a playlist. But, no matter how varied, odd and changeable my taste in music has been over the years, Bowie has always been there. My first and last love in music, this guy’s sound has been omnipresent. So, to sign off, here’s some beautiful Bowie from the album Low.

Photo by Annie Feng.

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