Musician, DJ, producer and video artist G-Kut shares his ultimate Spotify Playlist.

G-Kut has been around the music scene in Manchester for 20 years as musician, DJ, producer and video artist. He’s also been teaching for 18 years around the North West, concentrating on music technology, instrumental skills and performance. He’s currently developing A/V techniques and DJing Battlestar Mancunia on Reform Radio.

G-Kut has worked with us on numerous projects throughout the years including I Live Hip Hop with Kendrick Lamar, Barton Moss and the I Live Hip Hop Summer School. This month he’ll be facilitating Found Sounds at the Manchester Central Library.


G-Kut’s Spotify Playlist

Spirits Up – Phil Jeck

The amazing Philip Jeck uses turntables, FX pedals and Casio keys to create his cacophony. A must see if he’s playing live.

Étude Aux Chemins De Fer – Pierre Schaeffer

Of course, no music concret list would be complete without Schaeffer, using tape and frequency generators in this one.

Pendulum Music – Steve Reich

From 1968 – four mics are set in pendulum motion, crossing over their own speaker to produce feedback tones varied by the swings of the pendulums.

 Stria – John Chowning

From 1977, the father of frequency modulation synthesis in full effect!

De Natura Sonorum – Bernard Parmegiani

From 1975, Bernie has been cited as an influence on aphex twin, autechre & sonic youth. Studied with Schaeffer at the Radiodiffusion Francaise workshops.

Black Cat – Merzbow

Merzbow is rightly recognised as one of the leaders in the noise scene today. Renowned for his Merzbox release, test your ears with this!

Orphée 53 – Pierre Schaeffer & Pierre Henry

More Schaeffer business, this time with his mate Pierre Henry, from 1953. This has a more orchestral feel than a lot of other concret from the period.

I Am Sitting In A Room – Alvin Lucier

Genius Alvin Lucier plays the room itself with his voice, a cassette recorder and a bit of foil. From 1969 it still sounds like the future.

The Second Law – Max Mathews

From 1961, very early example of computer music from the father of modern music sequencing. This can be seen as a precursor to MUSIC1, the blueprint for making music with computers.

Blue Veils And Golden Sand – Delia Derbyshire

BBC Radiophonic workshop tape loop action. Derbyshire knew how to squeeze emotion from tape loops and here’s proof.