Jane Weaver is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Liverpool, England. She has performed as part of the Britpop group Kill Laura, the Farfisa-fuelled girl group Misty Dixon and as a solo artist. She also runs the record label Bird.


Jane Weaver’s Spotify Playlist

Voyage 1 — Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes

I think Catherine Ribeiro is wonderful, she’s so expressive and combines folk, psych and avant garde, and sings about social and political issues from the 1960’s onwards, this song is more an example of eastern influence with experimental vocalisation. She’s definitely an influence for me.

Traveller in Time — Uriah Heep

When I was a kid in the 1970’s, I used to see long haired guys wearing cut off denims with Uriah Heep patches sewn on them, I used to sit in my friends bedroom looking at all her brothers albums.. loads of heavy rock, Pink Floyd, ELO.. I was fascinated by the record sleeves and would look at them for hours, I’m glad I grew up in the 70’s and heard so many different styles of music.

Archangel Thunderbird — Amon Düül II

The whole story and beginnings of Amon Duul and then Amon Duul II are pretty fascinating, Krautrock.. Commune rock.. seems such an ideal situation, the romantic image of young musicians and artists living together in dilapidated Bavarian mansions in the 1960’s is so free spirited ..like Gong in France, escaping the authorities and using music as the mission. There was so much political unrest at the time and yet this adversity led to many artists gaining momentum and other creative arts flourishing.

Cherry Red — The Groundhogs

In my late teens I started hanging around with groups of Bikers, some of my friends had motorbikes and we would drive carefree around the B roads of Cheshire on summer evenings.. it was a magical time, some went to Biker rallies I refused to go after they reported stories about their rally virgin initiation ceremony.. I didn’t fancy being stripped and painted blue. Heavy rock and blues bands always played, this song always reminds me of those crazy times.

Sinister Purpose — Creedence Clearwater Revival

When I was a kid my Dad would play CCR, long car journeys in the Beetle, we only

had a battery operated tape deck at first that would go through batteries like water. It was a combination of country music or blues rock like Gerry Rafferty, or CCR and on a 6 hour journey to Devon it was like being brainwashed…in a good way!

Back Street Luv — Curved Air

Years ago in 2002 someone said the band I was in Misty Dixon sounded like ‘Curved Air’ and I didn’t think it was that cool, but these days I listen to their second album quite a bit, I really love it, its quite strange but poppy, very progressive though. I heard that when they first signed to Warner Bros they got one of the most expensive record advances ever!

Emma — Hot Chocolate

I used to have ’20 Hottest Hits’ with its iconic sleeve, when I was a kid in the 1970’s I loved Kate Bush, rock music and of course anything disco, this is one of my favourite songs, Errol Brown is awesome, one of my favourite singers and I love the bass sound on this. Years ago in the late 1990’s I had a request from Errol Brown to support him on his UK Tour, I have absolutely no idea where it came from but remember discussing it in a meeting with Rob Gretton in the record label office, apparently he liked my music or something he’d heard, I was honoured but it never happened!

Don’t Worry, Kyoko (Mummy’s Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow) — Yoko Ono

I think Yoko is one of our greatest artists, discovering her music as an adult has been a joy, some of the stuff on ‘Fly’ and ‘Approximately infinite universe’ is just great..really over the top! before she met Lennon she was performing her own experimental music and was an established artist. I recently watched a documentary when John Lennon and his band are recording, maybe the ‘imagine’ sessions and she’s telling Phil Spector what to do as she is co-producing..I love that.