Brighter Sound Digital Marketing Apprentice, Joe Clegg shares his Spotify Playlist 

Joe Clegg took up a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with us a year ago, and as the placement is now coming to its end, we thought, what better way to give the social media voice of Brighter Sound some recognition and profile, than by giving him free reign on September’s Spotify playlist. So, for your outstanding 12 months in the company, your exponential growth as a social media master, and your cool, calm, collected, well rounded, helpful, can-do self, thanks Joe!


Joe’s Spotify Playlist

This was a very difficult task for me. There are so many songs I could go through. So many amazing artists both big and small I’d love to talk about. I decided to approach this playlist in a different way to just choosing 10 of my favourite songs. Individual songs are harder! So the songs in this playlist are largely based around my favourite albums.

Every Planet We Reach Is Dead – Gorillaz

This song is from Gorillaz’ second album Demon Days, by far my favourite album ever. We all have an album that will stick with us forever, an album that came first. This is mine. I chose this song in particular because I think in a way it sums up the album. A bit wacky, a bit sombre, a bit funky and very lovely. There’s a bit of everything in this song. Damon Albarn is a just a genius in everything he does whether it’s operas, musicals, supergroups or, of course, Blur.

Stubborn Love – The Lumineers

This next one comes from The Lumineers’ self titled debut, a fantastic album. Every song is a hit. I think simplicity can go such a long way in this age of dubstep and ‘house every weekend’ and all that. This song in particular stood out for me. I just want to sing it aloud with everyone whenever I hear it. Luckily I got to in April. If there’s a band you should see live it’s The Lumineers!

Babel – Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons’ second album Babel was another masterpiece in my eyes, following the game changing first. Whilst it revisited similar places the first one did it definitely differentiated itself with some great new sounds! I chose the song Babel because it’s a fantastic opener to the album. It merges all the emotions you come across throughout the album in one great song. Whilst its lyrics are largely sombre and sad, the way it’s presented rhythmically is upbeat and almost happy. And Marcus Mumford’s voice just sends tingles down my spine!

She Treats Me Well – Ben Howard

In Ben Howard’s second album I Forget Where We Were there has been a major shift in tone. He’s stripped away everything and gone for the most simplistic approach. And it works. It really works. There isn’t a lot going on in any of the songs and She Treats Me Well is a perfect example of how successful that lack of complexity can be. An easy approach for an easy listening song. Love it.

Victory Over The Sun – Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro’s sixth album Opposites is my favourite of all their work. As a double album it’s full of genius lyrics and melodies, songs that will definitely stay with me forever. Victory Over The Sun has to be the song that encapsulates the album on the whole. Starting off subtle but quite quickly gearing up into full force and going to war.

Trust Me…I’m A Genius – The Family Rain

If you haven’t heard of The Family Rain make that your homework. Go and listen to their debut album Under The Volcano and get ready to be completely blown away. There’s a lot going on in this album, a lot of different tones to each song, mainly focusing around blues and rock. They really are unique. Trust Me…I’m A Genius is my personal favourite but it was a really hard choice. The whole album is so great. Go and see for yourself!

In One Ear – Cage The Elephant

Cage The Elephant are a very awesome band. That’s the basic truth of it. Their self titled debut is filled with smash hits, I can’t fault it. In One Ear is the perfect introductory song to the world of Cage The Elephant. Listen to the lyrics and how well thought out and creative they are. This song, and all of their songs in fact, were designed to be played live. Trust me I still have bruises to back that up!

Homecoming – Green Day

As a band Green Day have to be one of my favourites ever. There are two songs in particular on American Idiot that are really innovative. Jesus Of Suburbia and Homecoming. I couldn’t choose them both so I just ‘ip dip do’d’. I love how both songs are split into five movements, each being very separate from the other but joining onto one another in such a smooth way. I haven’t seen another band do something like that other than Queen with Bohemian Rhapsody, which actually inspired the way these songs were written.

Back To You – Sundowners

Let’s talk about Sundowners’ self titled debut. It’s just bloody brilliant! I love psychedelic rock/pop as a genre. I could listen to it all day. This album struck me because it sounded so 60s yet only came out in 2015. I’ve been binging on them all year. Again it was really hard for me to choose one song to sum up this album so I decided on Back To You because it was the one that first sparked my interest in them. Listen to it as a starter then listen to the whole album. You won’t be disappointed.

L.A. Woman – The Doors

The Doors are my second favourite band ever, first being Gorillaz. Like I said I love psychedelic rock and The Doors, I think, are the most iconic band to go with that genre. They are one of the most important and influential bands I think to have ever existed. Their history, methods and sounds are so unique. And Jim Morrison is a personal hero and icon of mine. I could have genuinely chosen every song they’ve ever released, they’re that good! L.A. Woman is one of their best tunes though. MR MOJO RISIN’!