Kabantu are a world-folk-fusion quintet of award-winning musicians known for concocting captivating, exhilarating improvisations, infectious rhythms and beautiful melodies from around the globe. They regularly lead workshops in primary schools around Greater Manchester and as a group they’ve performed at prestigious events including the BBC Proms. They’ve been leading Junior Jam, our monthly music group for children, for some time now, each month bringing a new and exciting theme to explore. Find out more about Junior Jam here.


Kabantu’s Spotify Playlist

Mustt Mustt — Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn

Kabantu have taken a lot of influence from Indian music recently, penning our own song inspired by the music of this culture for our upcoming album. The production on this song is amazing, giving it a 3D effect through the use of call and answer and balancing the blasé chorus with the energetic solos. The vocal solo using a technique used to learn the rhythms of the tabla called “Konnokol” is absolutely insane.

Tout le monde pense — DjeuhDjoah and Lieutenant Nicholson

A really beautiful groove in this song – every instrument enters adds a beautiful lift, remaining relaxed throughout but making you want to move your body.

Mean Old City Part 2 — Martin Harley and Daniel Kimbro

Martin Harley is a recent absolute gem of a discovery. He has a smoky voice combined with stunning slide guitar and Kimbro’s sensitive bass playing, creating a mature sound which never tries too hard but is comfortable in its tasteful simplicity.

Wayfaring Stranger — Sam Kelly and The Lost Boys

A beautiful version of a classic folk song with great gusto which made us buy the album when we heard it played on the BBC Radio 2 Folk Show. A force to be reckoned with, Sam’s voice really conveys true musicality, soul and shape, accompanied by a simply brilliant band.

Listen to the Breeze — Chiwoniso

Sunshine captured in music.

Purcell / Arr Pluhar: Oedipus, King of Thebes, Music for a While — Henry Purcell and Christina Pluhar

An amazing fusion of Henry Purcell’s Baroque music with jazz full of panache to create a truly expressive hybrid showing that you can mix two completely different styles and to make a new, amazing sound world out of something almost 400 years old.

Dat Dere — Rickie Lee Jones

A very cool use of scatting and jazz singing to imitate baby language and seeing life from the endlessly curious and self-centred perspective of a toddler.

Old Reinlender from Sonndala — Traditional, Rune Tonsgaard Sorensen and The Danish String Quartet

The innovative Danish String Quartet using their instruments to rework old Norwegian folk tunes taken from their album Woodworks – “You don’t own folk music, the band believes, you simply borrow it for a while.”

The Mistral Noir — Daniel Herskedal

Stunning use of brass, and the lyricism of the euphonium – an unusual instrument pulls at the heart strings in the same way that a cello or tenor at the top of its range does.

Senorita — Chick Corea and Bela Fleck

A really cheeky take on Latin music between two of the greats – the legendary pianist Chick Coera and virtuoso banjo player, Bela Fleck