Liam Sutcliffe, marketing guru shares his ultimate Spotify playlist with Brighter Sound.

Liam joined the Brighter Sound team back in 2010 and quickly showed a natural talent for all things marketing in the world of music. He moved across the corridor in April last year to work with our creative music partners at Band on the Wall, becoming a champion of the fantastic programme of live independent music.  It’s with a pinch of sadness, but great pride that we wave goodbye to Liam this week, who is off to Southern pastures, to take up the post of Marketing Manager at the Jazz Cafe in Camden, London. We wish him all the best in what we’re sure will be a bright and musical future.  As a mark of our fondness for one of the most mildly amusing people in the building, we’ve asked him to create our May Spotify playlist.


Liam’s Spotify Playlist

Nature – David Thomas Broughton
One of the most exciting and unusual live acts I’ve seen, playing to about 50 people in Kraak. This is one of his more accessible tracks. Everything he does seems to be so different from what else is going on currently.

1960 What? – Gregory Porter
Tim Chatterton introduced me to Gregory Porter, we spent a full day listening to him in the office. We got really into him and said we must watch him when he’s in Manchester. We quickly discovered he’d played at Band on the Wall the night before! I’ve seen him since, but it wasn’t very enjoyable because it was at Glastonbury and I had sun stroke.

Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake AM – (Fela Kuti) My Morning Jacket, Merrlll Garbus, Brittany Howard
I’m a big Fela fan, and other than when his sons Femi and Seun do it, I’ve never heard a cover of his music done this well. This is definitely my favourite track from a great album (Red Hot + Fela) featuring a plethora of amazing artists.

Shofukan – Snarky Puppy
Band on the Wall and Brighter Sound have a massive Snarky connection and this is a track I first heard the bones of, live many years ago at the Wall of Sounds residency led by Michael, Bill and Sput.

The Lark Ascending – Ralph Vaughn Williams
I was introduced to this through Sara Lowes and it has made my morning commute from Levenshulme a much more relaxed affair.

To The Blade – Everything Everything
EE have been one of my favourite bands for years and their latest album is unbelievable. I’ve not heard an opener as good as this for a long time.

Fascination – Alphabeat
For some reason this was the soundtrack to my first six months at Band on the Wall, I’m still not entirely sure why. I blame the Programming and Marketing Director.

Break – GoGo Penguin
My favourite track of theirs. I worked on the merch stall last time they played at Band on the Wall, and a lot of the crowd thought I was in the band for some reason (I’m not), so there’s probably someone out there who has my signature on an LP.

Jackie – Scott Walker
Probably my best karaoke song, in a stupid-assed way.

Mathematics – Cherry Ghost
Cherry Ghost was easily one of my favourite shows at the venue. Simon played acoustically throughout, complimented beautifully by Christian Madden on keys. A fantastic gig which raised a lot of money for a great cause. I met Simon on a songwriting course he led for Brighter Sound, he was brilliant, down to earth and an amazing songwriter.