Noisy Toys founder Steve Summers shares his ultimate Spotify playlist with Brighter Sound.

Noisy Toys is all about having fun experimenting with sound. They deliver workshops, events and interactive installations connecting science and music together in new ways, including creating amazing instruments out of up-cycled computers that people have thrown away. Their founder Steve Summers is a musician, instrument maker and sonic artist with a science fixation. We’re really excited that Steve will be bringing Noisy Toys to Band on the Wall this month, with a day of workshops to create string instruments for Manchester’s Robot Orchestra.


Noisy Toys’ Spotify Playlist

Your Feets Too Big – Fats Waller

In occasional quieter moments you are likely to hear Fats providing a contrasting audio backdrop to the anarchic sonic mayhem of our Interactive Installations. He keeps us going.

S mourir un peu – Francis Dhomont

Surely some of the most evocative music, and all with scissors and tape. Why are people still faffing around with melodies and rhythm?

Machines – Laurent X (Trax records) 

Is this where it all went wrong? I don’t know I was at school. Early underground dance music often put the gradual timbre change of a single feature sound upfront, pure bliss to noise enthusiasts. Couldn’t find any more up-to-date equivalents on Spotify. Where’s all the Gabba?

Bouree – Circulus

Perfect blend of baroque and psychedelic tones, fitting for science busking or walkabout in a public space. Ok, so that’s my brother on the crumbhorn too but if you like this, check out Princes in the Tower, the acoustic mediaeval three piece offshoot.

Shelly Ann – Red Rat

People love it or hate it. Pitch it up a bit and mix in some jump-up D’n’B, you can’t go wrong.

Preacher and the Bear – The Golden Gate Quartet

The tightest band ever, and who needs instruments anyway? These boys are the other most-played backing music (along with Fats) to provide subtle relief to the non-stop noise of our Ming Rodulator Interactive Installation.

Nowhere – Red Ingle

I’m not really into having to listen to lyrics and people singing and whatnot, but if you’re gonna do it they may as well be funny.

Sonata et Canzoni, Book 6: Sonata No.2 a 3 – Giovanni Battista Buonamente

Apparently Mr Buonamente doesn’t feature that highly in today’s youth beat combos any more. Their loss. For me, this is an audio defrag that puts everything back in place. Go on, try it…

Radiance 1 – Basic Channel

People often ask us how we can handle hours of intense chaotic noise and stay enthusiastic. Firstly there is a rigorous training regime involving years of submersion in extreme audio environments (not much of that material available on Spotify). Then there’s subtle use of contrasting ‘relief’ music that we can latch onto in situ (Fats, Golden Gate etc.) followed by medicinal doses of baroque music and various audio recovery therapies like this one.