This summer we’re delighted to be working with Dutch Uncles’ composer and bassist Robin Richards. Commissioned by Brighter Sound, Robin has composed and directed original music for From The Crowd – an immersive outdoor performance inspired by the spirit of Peterloo and the voices of people today.

This large-scale commemorative event will take place in Manchester city centre on Friday 16 August. Limited free tickets are available here.

Our latest Spotify playlist gives an insight into his musical influences and top tunes…

Cloudbusting – Kate Bush

Kate Bush has been a huge influence on my writing with the band and my solo work. From arguably one of the best albums ever, Hound of Loves, Cloudbusting is a fantastic song which I never get bored of listening to. I was very lucky to see one of her amazing Hammersmith Apollo shows in 2014. Hopefully she doesn’t wait another 35 years to perform again…

V (Island Song) – These New Puritans

I have been vaguely obsessed with These New Puritans since the release of their 3rd album Field of Reeds. Track 4, V (Island Song) is a contemporary classical musical journey I get lost in every time I listen to it. The filmic ending with its seemingly never ending cycle of key changes is incredible.

Neal and Jack and Me – King Crimson

Dutch Uncles listened to a lot of the early 80s incarnation of King Crimson during our formative years, which definitely helped shape our enjoyment of atypical time signature and duelling minimalist guitar parts. We did a cover of this song at our performance at MIF 2009.

Ghosts – Japan

A mental blend of experimental synthesisers, marimbas and David Sylvian’s unmistakable croon, Ghosts is a piece that I never get enough of, and feel like I hear new subtleties every time I listen to it. I have wanted to do this at karaoke for years. One day.

Music For 18 Musicians – Steve Reich

What a piece of music this is. Dutch Uncles sampled Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint on our song X-O, and as a result we were invited to meet the man himself after the performance of Music For 18 Musicians we went to see at the Royal Albert Hall in 2011. Bucket list stuff.

I Would Die 4 U – Prince

I saw Prince perform at Hop Farm festival a few years ago and found his whole show absolutely captivating. His music has since been a massive inspiration for me. My wife and I had I Would Die 4 U as our first dance at our wedding last year.

This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) – Talking Heads

Watch the Talking Heads film Stop Making Sense if you haven’t before. It will be the best gig you’ve never been to.

Spiegel Im Spiegel – Arvo Part

Estonian minimalist composer wrote Spiegel Im Spiegel the same year he was kicked out of his home country by the Soviet Union. It has a beautiful simplicity, stillness and drama to it which makes it a captivating listen. It is written is Part’s tintinnabular style, which involves individual lines in the music mirroring each others movement.

Hocus Pocus (Extended Version) – Focus

That riff.

Petrouchka – Igor Stravinsky

I studied a lot Igor Stravinsky’s music at university and it helped me realise the unlimited possibilities of music composition, both rhythmically and harmonically.