Sarah Angel

Experimental-soul artist, singer-songwriter and model Sarah Angel shares some of her all-time favourite tracks in our latest Spotify playlist…

A creative force to be reckoned with, this year Sarah took part in two Brighter Sound projects for emerging artists – She Creates and DISRUPT. Sarah has since gone on to continue making music as part of the Disrupt Collective – gigging across the city at the Festival of Manchester and Band on the Wall (to name but a few!) – as well as continuing to build on her own solo career.

“I want to create alternate universes with both my fashion and music in which people can delve into and lose themselves.”

With inspirations ranging from Prince, Jill Scott, Kanye West, Andre 3000, Naomi Campbell, Oprah, Busta Rhymes, David Bowie, Ru Paul and Erykah Badu – we recommend giving this one a listen…

Some tracks contain explicit lyrics.

Full Circle – EVABEE

I love her dulcet tones and powerful message. The beat is also overly crazy and I could play the intro on repeat forever. Both singer and producer are from Manchester and are definitely repping for our hometown.

Palm Trees – ¿Téo?

A friend showed me this artist and I am so grateful he did. This artist was everything I was missing from my life. I could probably put his whole album in the playlist.


This song chills my mind out so much. I don’t know what taking L$D feels like but this song definitely takes the stress away and the music video is definitely worth a watch.

The Look – Metronomy

This song is my spirit animal. Its the perfect level of melancholy for me and definitely an all-time favourite. I love everything from the instrumentation to the poignant vocals.

Sanctuary – Joji

This song found me! A beautiful surprise to my ears, I love this vocalist, I love his lyrics and tonality. I feel like I’m in a rocket ship entering space. A great feeling.


For me this is such a beautifully emotive rap song. I’m not sure whether it’s the artist or the beat, but both together really works. I’ve definitely shed a few tears to this song, but it’s also brought me such light. Short but so sweet.

Female Energy (Part 2) – Willow Smith

Just perfect. A soul-warmer type vibe. It’s so easy to fall into it and dreamy to stay in.

Lakeview – Sarah Angel

I wrote this and picked the beat, so I know this is so biased, but what a tune. It’s super personal to me, but it genuinely never fails to bring me peace. The sound of the lake at the start of the track is everything.

Location – Dave (Feat. Burna Boy)

The chorus is so nice. It’s the lyrics and the melodies; I might just have to do a cover. I love the contrast of the artists voices and the general message of the song is so needed and so pure.

Toast – Koffee

I know this song is HUGE now, but seriously what a song. It constantly reminds me to be grateful for what I have. Thank you for reminding us all about gratitude Koffee!

He Takes Over – Luke Royalty

I know I was only meant to pick 10 tracks but this 11th is a special one, just wow. A beautifully epic song to end the playlist with.

Thank you to Sarah Angel for putting this playlist together. Browse more of our playlists created by artists, music industry professionals and the Brighter Sound team here.