Multi-instrumentalists Serafina Steer and Natalie Sharp share their ultimate Spotify Playlist with Brighter Sound.

Serafina is a harpist, singer-songwriter and composer. She’s released three albums, the last produced by Jarvis Cocker (Pulp) received high praise across the board. Natalie has been composing and performing music for ten years and is the women behind the world of LONE Taxidermist.

Earlier in the year, we commissioned Serafina to compose a new piece of music in response to poet Clare Pollard’s new free verse translation of Ovid’s Heronies. Serafina enlisted Natalie’s expertise and together they’ve written an operatic mini TV drama or noise poem centered around one intriguing character from the text – ‘Medea’ – presenting her as the ultimate comic book superhero gone bad. Their theatrical performance premieres at Written in the Margins on Thursday 10 March at Manchester Jewish Museum. Find out more and book tickets here.


Serafina and Natalie’s Spotify Playlist

Brando – Scott Walker, Sunn 0)))

Natalie and I went to watch two speakers playing this album at St. John’s Church, Hackney. An album playback. I think what most people remember from that odd scenario was a lady trying to dance being strong-armed out by security and then the crowd shouting ‘let her dance, let her dance’. But it’s not really dancing music. I don’t really know Sunn 0)) but this collaborative album is brilliant, this song in particular is beautiful. There’s only the Scott Walker box for Scott Walker, he’s so unique and continually pioneering.

Celestial Excursions: Act 1-Is it Light Yet? – Love Letter, Pt. 1 – Robert Ashley

Robert Ashley’s TV opera Perfect Lives has been a great inspiration to me in approaching composing an extended song form. I kept joking to myself that I was writing an opera and then I got worried that I actually was! Neither Natalie nor myself have trained voices and I find Ashley’s re-appropriation of the term ‘opera’ very liberating. I was introduced to his music by Simon Bookish.

Performance One – Part 1 – Terry Riley

I am late to the Terry Riley party. I have known his name since I was at college but in the last six months I’ve really fallen in love with his music and idiosyncratic ethos.

Wild Women With Steak-Knives (The Homocidal Love Song for Silent Scream) – Diamond Galas 

I said to Natalie ‘Oh I’ve put Diamanda Galas -esqe about you in the press release’ and she said ‘I get that all the time… We’ve both got long faces.’ Anyway I think it’s more than that. I would love to see her live. It’s 17 minutes long though – be warned!

Liital – Aby Nana Diop

Natalie found this on Awesome Tapes from Africa and we both love her singing especially.

Masked Ball – 1999 Extended Mix – Jocelyn Pook

Natalie introduced me to the music of Jocelyn Pook.  I love this track- the compositional approach sounds quite similar to how we have worked on parts of Medea; long drones with call to prayer style modal improvisations.

Utopia – Goldfrapp

We thought this playlist might need a bit of light relief and this is a nice blast from the past.

Sabbath – Jenny Hval

I always have to listen to this track three times in a row. I love it.

Call Me – Throwing Muses

I’m totally obsessed with this band, having only just discovered them. I love the delivery of the line ‘And you said “you let him call you that? This is your name.”‘

A Little Respect – Erasure

Sorry… but I saw Andy Bell the other day at the tube station! I got his autograph! So I’m putting this on. I was just imagining Medea with a happier ending….