Test Card is a community exploring the development of new technologies and techniques in the area of audio visual performance.  Their wider programme includes Test Card Live, a platform for artists, filmmakers and VJ’s to showcase new work and the Test Card Talk Programme which invites both local and internationally leading artists, filmmakers, VJ’s and digital creatives to share the journey of their careers and give sneak peeks of new work.

Brighter Sound co-produced a special Test Card Live event last week for BBC Music Day, which featured outstanding performances of new pieces composed by Benjamin Finney and Michael-Jon Mizra (SGNL) for our Change Or Be Changed young composers commission.


Test Card’s Spotify Playlist

Valentine – Moomin

When it comes to production not a lot of people beat Moomin for quality, he is both cinematic and groovy.

The Ghost Of Earth Monkey  – Shaun Blezard 

It was a pleasure to have Shaun play Test Card live last month as part of the trio Bennett/Hunter/Blezard. This is one of our favourites out of his collection.

Sliced Africa –  Roman Flügel

Devilling into the club side of Test Card, this song is a solid dance floor tune and top pick from our resident DJ Kagame.

Opposite People – Fela Kuti 

Exploring the world music side of things, Fela is a Test Card firm favourite.

Faith In Strangers – Andy Stott 

Andy Stott and his Modern Love record label represents some of the most forward thinking music to come out of Manchester for years, it’s a style of music we’ve played many times at Test Card.

Modern Propeller – Bryce Hackford 

A couple of months ago at Test Card we invited L’Aubaine up to perform Morocco (her live cinema project) and we ended the night on this tune.  It’s a moment that we’ll never forget.

Tourist – Kassian Troyer 

Dial is a pretty special record label and plays host to an amazing range of artists.  We choose this song because we played it at the first ever Test Card event back in October.

Skewed Proof – Native 

Back when Test Card teamed up with Future Everything to launch the festival, Native (aka Joe Beedles) introduced himself to me. The following month he performed his audio visual show at Test Card and it was one of the most complete professional performances to grace the Test Card floor.

EastMidConnect – SGNL

SGNL (aka Michael-Jon Mizra) was the first artist to contact Sean Clarke (Creative Director & Programmer) when he originally started Test Card back in October. Since then, SGNL has become an integral part of the team and good friend. EatMidConnect is our favourite song out of his great portfolio of work.

Four Tet – Peace For Earth (RoldE Rework)

For pretty much every Test Card RoldE has very kindly provided intermission tunes and has firmly established himself as an essential part of the Test Card family.