My top tips with Julie Gordon

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My top tips with Julie Gordon

Julie Gordon has spent a number of years working in music from a vocal perspective. She runs TheVocalPod®, an all new voice coaching Agency and Teaching Resource. Her experience as a singer/songwriter has taken her as far as working with international bands such as The Happy Mondays, Kasabian, RSL, Caulbearers and most recently the up and coming Winachi Tribe.


Here Julie shares her top tips for aspiring vocalists…

1. It’s crucial that you “truly” get to know your voice. Start off with singing in different atmospheric settings and record yourself. Make constant notes or keep a diary of how you feel after each time you listen back. Talking back is a great way to keep those vocals tidy.

2. What you put inside your body can impact the way you sound. Your health is so important. Drinking plenty of water, eating well and generally looking after yourself certainly brings out the best in your performance. I’m a big fan of veg but not the best fruit lover. I find that plenty of green foods work for me.

3. Your personal space and surroundings is top priority. Be aware that your body is tuned into how you feel especially before a performance or recording. It’s vital that you spend a moment by yourself to save energy. Being a vocalist is not always straightforward – adrenaline and anxiety quickly come to the forefront, and often vocals will cease up if you are not relaxed. I hum and do soft vocal warm ups but many singers will use methods that suit them. If you struggle to find your own; there are alternate ways, I am always happy to advise.

Photo credit: Ian Valentine Photography