My top tips with John Blaylock

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My top tips with John Blaylock

John Blaylock is an experienced tutor, choral workshop leader, multi instrumentalist and published writer. He’s recently spent a successful year in Los Angeles working as a songwriter and session musician on TV and film projects. Now back in the UK, John is keen to pass his knowledge and expertise on to help aspiring writers and performers, and we’re delighted he’ll be leading our brand new vocal and songwriting group ‘Lyrics & Vocals’ this autumn. Find out more and book a place on the free taster session…

Here, John shares his top tips for emerging songwriters…

My top tips for writers are short and sweet, but the key things to bear in mind when songwriting are this simple…

1) Have a point, a key idea – let everybody know what the song is about.

2) Define your sections using melodic and rhythmical differences so everyone knows when you’ve gone from your verse to your pre chorus.

3) Make sure everyone knows what the chorus is – hammer home the hook.

4) Make the listener feel something – or the song will feel boring!

5) Don’t repeat yourself – every new section should have new information, whether it’s musical or lyrical.