My top tips with Jupp

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My top tips with Jupp

Jupp has been playing drums for over 25 years. He’s the drummer in the Mercury Music Prize winning band Elbow and runs his own drum tuition company. He’s a proud Ambassador of the NAS and Patron of the ART Charities and is endorsed by Gretsch Drums, DW Hardware, Roland UK, Vicfirth, Protection Racket, Ultimate Ears and Porter and Davis. Through teaching he hopes to inspire other drummers and pass on the passion he has.

If you’re under 18 and want to hear and learn from Jupp first hand, book a place on our Young Musicians Week to take part in a drumming tutorial. Here we’re delighted to share Jupp’s top tips for aspiring musicians.

I know you have probably heard some of these tips before, but they really do work!

1) Practice... and when you think you’ve done enough, practice some more.  This is fairly self explanatory. I've found that it enables me to switch off from thinking about the mechanics of playing, and engage the more creative part of my brain. It also establishes self discipline and a better, more balanced work ethic.

2) Listen to as much varied music as you can stand.  If something pops up that you don't like, be it on the radio or in a shop, stop and listen. There might be a subtle dynamic shift or chord change that might inspire you. Listening is a discipline in itself, it helps with respecting other people’s works, and it develops patience and control. Hopefully you'd want people to listen to your stuff.

3) Play along to as much varied music as possible.  This helps all the above, and gives you a more eclectic appreciation of music.

4) Record as much work as possible - from using your phone to experimenting whenever you have the chance to get into a studio. The more you do, the more confidence you will have. Don't ever be afraid of making mistakes. I work a lot from loops I've put down on my phone as I love the compression and crunch I get from it.

5) Trust your instincts – yours is the only opinion that counts, and that's final. Listen, take on board any advice but don't compromise.