My top tips with Sara Lowes

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My top tips with Sara Lowes

Sara Lowes is a Manchester-based singer / songwriter who has carved a successful career as a musician, including work with The Earlies, as a solo musician, and with Tokolosh, Jim Noir, King Creosote and Jesca Hoop. Sara was recently commissioned by Brighter Sound to compose a piece of music exploring the relationship between music and science following her appointment as composer in residence at the National Graphene Institute at The University of Manchester. Graphene Suite was premiered to critical acclaim at the Martin Harris Centre during Graphene week, June 2015.

We’re delighted Sara is joining Brighter Sound again to lead another exciting programme of events for Sing City, our weekly songwriting and performance sessions for 13-18’s. Here she shares her top tips on making it happen in music.

1) Be open to take inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. It’s really interesting when contrasting ideas come together to form new compositions. There is so much to take from – it doesn’t just have to be what’s current musically, or music related at all. The tiniest moments can form the biggest ideas.

2) Don’t worry about your nerves – they show that you care. Whether it’s before a gig or a big step in your career, feeling nervous is part of being committed to what you do.

3) Learning different styles of music is really good for improving as a player. Collaboration and session work is also a great way to be inspired and meet other artists. Embrace as many musical styles as you can and always be enthusiastic to learn something new.

4) Believe in the music you make. Don’t feel as though your own ambition has to conform to what’s current in the music industry. Being a ‘self-employed anything’ can feel like a vulnerable career choice and a long road so remember to regularly check in with yourself, making sure you are satisfied and happy in what you do. 

5) Good communication is the most important part of everything!  Even when you don’t get good communication back from others, make sure you always inform people and maintain healthy contact with those you work with or for – you will be remembered for it.