My top tips with Tunde Adeyoka

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My top tips with Tunde Adeyoka

Tunde Adekoya is a Brighter Sound project manager. When he’s not here managing projects like I Live Hip Hop with Kendrick Lamar, he’s running Big People Music, his own independent record label. Big People Music is a movement and record label focussed on providing a platform for local Manchester and UK artists who are making new and innovative music and who have a passion to perform in different settings and styles.  It originally started off as a movement pushing sounds which stemmed from the post-garage era (UKG, Grime, UK Funky, original Dubstep and basslines) and manages a number of up and coming artists as well as producing music nights around Manchester.

Here Tunde shares his top tips for anyone thinking about going solo in the music industry and setting up an independent record label:

1) Vibes. Make sure that whoever is part of your team and whatever they’re doing correspond with your own outlook and ethos. You should be on the same wavelength – have the same vibes.

2) Unity. You and your team are one unit working towards a common goal. It’s really important you work together – teamwork is the key.

3) Work ethic. Find time to develop the day-to-day workings of your business. Make sure everyone is on the job! Hard work pays off.

4) Take your time. You’re not going to get overnight success. It might take one year, two years or three years before you really get people engaged. Be patient and use this time to learn the ropes.

5) Explore and enjoy. Don’t limit yourself or what your label does – it’s ever-changing and ever-expanding. Most importantly, just enjoy it.  There’s really no point if you’re not enjoying your work.