My top tips with Project Jam Sandwich

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My top tips with Project Jam Sandwich

Project Jam Sandwich are an award-winning world folk fusion quintet from Manchester. Their music concocts a captivating set of exhilarating improvisations, infectious rhythm and beautiful melody from around the globe, and has situated them as rising stars in their field. They’ve performed at prestigious events including the BBC Proms and their exuberant live performances regularly bring audiences to their feet.

We can’t wait to welcome Project Jam Sandwich to Sing City this month for two special songwriting workshops, followed by a performance at Sing City Live. Here they share their top tips for emerging musicians.

1) Put anything to do with recording / photos / videos in a contract (or at least a written agreement over email for dates, deadlines and costs) – even if it’s your friends doing the recording for free.  We found that out the hard way.

2) At the very beginning try and perform your work as much as possible – it’s valuable training and one contact leads to another… which leads to paid gigs.

3) If you’re working with other musicians delegate the admin – we have one person on social media (very important!), one person on emails / applications, one person on merchandise / blog, one person on research / equipment, and then huge tasks (e.g. contacting festivals / press) are split five ways.

4) Network. For example, on Facebook (you probably already know) you are one step away from meeting tons of useful people! And you might be of use to them too.

5) Be yourself.  One of the best pieces of advice we received was from the legendary drummer Dave Hassell. He told us people in the industry will constantly try to pigeonhole us, so that they will be able to sell us according to their own skills. Don’t let them – be yourself, regardless of genre. Don’t limit your sound to fit a category – think outside the box and offer audiences something original and eventually the industry will adjust to you. This has been a huge advantage for us because we now find ourselves being booked for arts, classical, folk and world music festivals across the board.