Top tips for performing musicians: approaching venue bookers

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Top tips for performing musicians: approaching venue bookers

You’re a performing musician, you’ve done the work, written some great songs, have them polished and you’re ready to get on stage and perform.  All you need now is a music venue to reply to your endless emails and phone calls and book you for a paid gig.  So what is the trick to getting a slot at your favourite venue? We asked a few local music venues for their top tips for approaching bookers and programmers…

1) Include a link that goes directly to your music. You need to make it as easy as possible for the person on the other end of the email. Event bookers and programmers get hundreds of requests every week – they won’t have time to search for your music.

2) Make sure you include details of past and upcoming releases. Every venue will want to create interesting and timely content to promote you and your band to paying customers. Show them that they will have something to talk about.

3) Include a small number of past gigs and the most recent gig. It’s a bit like applying for a job – just like an employer will want to see your past experience, a gig booker will want to see what you’ve been up to and where you’ve played. It’ll also help them promote your gig to the right audience.

4) Tell them the type of show you’re looking for, e.g. support slot, headline show, EP Launch etc. Remember – they won’t have time to go back and forth with you to get this information. Tell them exactly what you want straight away.

5) Don’t be offended if there’s nothing available right away! Venues typically programme months and months in advance, so it might not be that they aren’t keen to book you, but that you just have to be a bit patient.