Vinyl Weekender: Meet the artists, hear the tracks

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We’re delighted to introduce the talented artists selected by Mr. Scruff to take part in our Vinyl Weekender.

Vinyl Weekender: Meet the artists, hear the tracks
13th April 2017

We’re delighted to introduce the talented artists selected by Mr. Scruff to take part in our Vinyl Weekender.

We’re delighted to introduce the talented artists selected by Mr. Scruff to take part in our Vinyl Weekender.

Over the course of three days, under the guidance of John Lancaster, Birds Hit Records’ cutting engineer, seven artists will be introduced to the ins and outs of cutting to vinyl. Birds Hit Records are bringing their own custom built, fully manual lathe into the space for participants to get stuck into the process of the creating lathe-cut records and learn all there is to know to be able to cut their own tracks.

Once they’ve got a better understanding into the art of cutting vinyl, each participant will get to cut their own records to take home on the final day – Record Store Day.

Also taking place on Record Store Day is an event at Cottonopolis featuring a mini record fair and a range of DJ sets, including Mr Scruff himself who will be playing each of the tracks freshly cut that very afternoon. Find out more…

The Vinyl Weekender will take place at Band on the Wall between 20 and 22 Apr.

Mr Scruff will play selected tracks at Keep It Unreal on Sat 6 May.


Find out more about each artist and their tracks…

‘Lost For Words Track 1’ by Kelvin Brown

This track was produced as part of a series of site specific sound works, first shown at the K-11 Art Village in Wuhan, China. It takes as its source an ancient Chinese poem, using the melodic qualities of tonal languages such as Mandarin to turn spoken text into a musical composition through an arrangement of processed speech recordings, synthesiser parts by Graham Massey, and cello by Seamay Wu.

Kelvin Brown is an award winning artist, DJ, broadcaster and academic. His work is concerned with human responses to sound, investigating the relationship between memory and emotion, and individual relationships within the sonic topography of modern life. His work ranges from single channel sound and video work through to multi-channel site specific installations and large scale collaborative projects. |

“My work as an artist regularly involves having individual vinyl records cut, so this will be fantastic opportunity to get an insight into a process that is so intrinsic to my practice.”


‘Don’t You Wonder Why’ by SGNL (Michael-Jon Mizra)

This track was inspired by diegetic music heard in a Japanese anime called Serial Experiments Lain. In a particular scene, the characters are talking in a club and music is playing around them.

“I liked the sound and aesthetic of the track, and wanted to take influence from its rhythm structure and vocal line. I sampled the full audio from the scene, reconstructed the aspects of the drum rhythm I enjoyed, and tried to draw out as much content from the short amount of material I had to work with. I processed this all heavily and ended up with a track that had evolved substantially from the source material. The work is constantly in progress, and I have yet to cut a definite studio version of the track, as this is one that I play in club environments and is subject to structural and incidental change each time.”

Michael-Jon Mizra is a composer who explores imaginary landscapes and places an emphasis on the physicality of sound. He performs club music under the alias SGNL. Mizra is influenced by a wide range of media, but is most indebted to sample culture and pluderphonics.

“I recently purchased Bob Katz book on Mastering, and saw this as an opportunity to further understand the process. I’m looking forward to discussing the do’s and don’ts of audio production and to learn how those do’s an don’ts can be bent to my whim!”


‘Fever (Gramophonica Remix)’ by Naomi Kashiwagi

Fever (Gramophonica Remix) is a live remix using a 78rpm record of Peggy Lee’s Fever re-appropriated with electrical tape and played Gramophinically on a wind-up gramophone.

Electrical tape is placed on the record in radiating strips to enable gramophone glitching and manually maintained looping and additionally creates percussive beats and rhythms as the steel needle staggers or glides across the strips of electrical tape. Fever (Gramophonica Remix) feverishly progresses until it sizzles out.

Naomi Kashiwagi is an award-winning sound & visual artist, turntablist and independent creative producer. Naomi’s multi-disciplinary art practice playfully provokes the intersections and impacts of visual art, music and technology upon one another. As an artist and turntablist, she explores the cyclical nature of obsolescence and technological innovation.

“My approach to making and performing music and sound art and using vinyl & turntables comes from training as a visual artist at art school and not a musical pathway. I’m looking forward to learning new vinyl-centric skills, especially experimental cuts and working with and amongst other creative artists during the Vinyl Weekender.”


‘In Search Of The Knot’ by Sand Overleaf & The Drones Of Joy

‘In Search Of The Knot’ was written as a soundtrack, to accompany Sand Overleaf’s sixty pen and ink storybook illustrations of the same name. It is a coming of age tale of transmutations through nature.

Sand Overleaf (K. Hosey) is a musician, illustrator, filmmaker and animation artist. If pushed Sand Overleaf would describe his musical style as “pastoral acoustic folk with the odd jolt of electrification, attempting to find continuity between diverse instruments from around the globe.” – predominantly instrumental in the main, with the odd vocal track.

“I was truly ecstatic to be picked for participation in the Vinyl Weekender as I hope to start an art and craft project in my home town, which will incorporate musical recording, vinyl pressing, book making, screen printing, and possibly even the process of etching. I’ve always been drawn to vinyl as the prime format for recorded music, from the depth and warmth of sound generated via the process to the artistic and tactile qualities of the packaging itself.”


‘Lisbon’ by Contours (Tom Burford)

Lisbon was inspired by time spent digging for records in Lisbon in 2016.

“I spent a few days rummaging through the record stores of the city and stumbled across some incredible Brazilian Samba records. I was inspired to create a track that fused the energy of these records and the pulsating vibe of the city with my own approach to Latin Rhythm. The track couples layers of my own live percussion coupled with samples from trips digging to create a deep driving rhythm that fuses an array of influences from the sounds of Lisbon via Detroit and São Paulo to Manchester.”

Contours, the project of musician, producer and DJ Tom Burford explores the spaces, rhythms and textures that sit between House, Jazz, Afro, Latin, breakbeat and Hip Hop.

“I’m really looking forward to taking part in the vinyl weekender with Mr Scruff. Being an avid record collector and producer based in Manchester, his approach to the art is an inspiration that i’ve always enjoyed witnessing at Keep it Unreal. The weekender will be an opportunity to immerse myself in a side of the vinyl production process that I’ve never had the chance to get involved in, and will no doubt deepen my appreciation for digging and DJing Vinyl.”



‘Shifting Bass Syndrome’ by Aver (Joe Mills)

The track was produced by Aver in his house in Withington and features samples from ‘Ruby, Ruby’ by Gato Barbieri and ‘Epilogue’ by Jack Dejohnette, amongst many other bits. |

Aver (aka Joey Average) hails from the well-known mecca of hip-hop: Withington, Manchester. Along with his cohorts he has been part of the city’s hip-hop scene for well over a decade. As the chief producer of TNC he has curated and independently published a string of well received vinyl releases since 2011. His beats utilise a wide variety of sources from Argentinian music concrete to Hungarian funk breaks to porn soundtracks.

“Having spent a large part of my adult life sifting through crates of vinyl and also having even released a few of my own, I look forward greatly to gaining a deeper understanding of the strange and mysterious practice that is vinyl pressing.”


‘Teklm’ by Dujat

Teklm is the 3rd track from an EP Dujat is currently working on.

“The idea behind this EP came after finishing an 8channel electroacoustic piece, for which I accumulated a collection of field recordings and processed sounds that resided in the same ‘sonic world’.”  

Dujat is a French producer currently living in Manchester. Dujat brings out the more experimental side of electronic music, with heavy use of field recordings & sound design. Dujat has shared the stage with Daisuke Tanabe, Worriedaboutsatan, Jason Singh and Imogen Heap amongst others.

I am really looking forward to exploring how the cutting process affects the sound of a record, and the best ways to prepare music for vinyl, especially lead by such experienced artists.”