Both Sides Now: Gwenno

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Both Sides Now: Gwenno

Both Sides Now returned to Sound City Festival in Liverpool this year with a brand new residency led by inspirational sound artist, songwriter and vocalist Gwenno.

Following on from Stealing Sheep’s Suffragette Tribute, which premiered at Sound City 2018 before embarking on a UK festival tour, we were delighted to bring Both Sides Now back this year for another exciting residency. Over five days, eight emerging artists created new music inspired by a sense of place and people, drawing from Liverpool’s rich and varied communities and buildings. Using field recordings from across the city, and their own musical skills, the group created two distinct sets of music that were played through wireless headphones at the festival on Sat 4 May.

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Photos by Shirlaine Forrest (Female Perspective), Elspeth Moore and Jazamin Sinclair.