DJ and Crazy P vocalist Danielle Moore shares her ultimate Spotify playlist.

Danielle is a performer of sorts — front woman with disco lovers Crazy P and an avid selector of music. Mainly DJing to club dance floors around the world.  She also enjoys playing a more eclectic selection at home ranging from folk to techno. An admirer of live music and having cut her teeth at a Chic concert at the Apollo in Manchester, she cites Prince, Grace Jones and Moloko as live performance inspiration.


Danielle Moore’s Spotify Playlist

Other Side — C Duncan

Love the lushness of melodies and the maturity of the song structure. Something delicate whilst powerful!

Lying Has To Stop — Soft Hair

Such brilliant work. Niche video to accompany the song but lyrically and rhythmically stunning. Enough to stop me lying!

Show You The Way — Thundercat

For me the best collaboration of voices. Pro hitting with Loggins and McDonald!!! Gorgeous maybe obvious but I won’t care. Fave on the new album.

Lullaby — The Cure

Still my favourite band of all time and cant help but dip back into the gorgeous strings that feel like a heavy shower on the driest day of the year. Beauty.

Flirt — Cameo

Good grief this collective are live inspiration if ever there was. Outfits, dance routine and vibe.

 Redbone — Childish Gambino

It’s very similar in its slinkiness and wonky sounds to Soft Hair but equally as unique. A good alarm call.

Shanel — Leatherette

Superb 80’s sounding electronic disco sounding totally authentic

Bravado — Harvey Sutherland

He is on fire at the minute and this is a lively nu disco track that is well rooted in my set.

Time — Leon Vynehall

Another great producer of current and I love the bouncy shuffle of this song. A top Friday afternoon tune!

For Your Love — Fat Gaines Band

Not a new song but a quality piece of soulful rare groove that I always find myself singing along to pining to have written the lyrics