Scratch DJ and music maker Peter Parker’s career started when he came 3rd in the 1997 UK DMC DJ finals, when Mark Rae of Manchester’s Grand Central label was one of the judges. He quickly snapped up young Parker and enlisted him as tour DJ and band member for the labels various live projects with US and UK producers and MC’s. On the first day of rehearsals he met Sneaky, a hugely talented double bass player and the two started to form a special friendship and bond that would see them form their own band called Fingathing, along with art college friend Chris Dury. 20 years later Fingathing now have cult hero status among DJ’s, music heads and art fans for their contributions over the years. They’re currently working on their 4th LP and Parker also does a weekly radio with Manchester crew ‘Battlestar Mancunia’ on Reform Radio.


Peter Parker’s Spotify Playlist

Fit Rare — Bastien Keb ft. Cappo

I instantly buzzed off this fresh UK multi-instrumentalist dropping quality vibes for the Notts MC underground legend to spit fire over. Excellent witty wordplay and the sound is a great opener for my list. Dig it.

Escape from New York – Main Theme — John Carpenter

A huge inspiration is our John. A master of making the most out of limited resources and with the indie films he directed he also wrote the soundtracks on synthesisers due to a small budget but that only served to create truly unique cinema. He’s an electronic music pioneer.

On A Clear Day You Can See Forever — The Peddlers

An incredible old school Manchester trio. So versatile and always with great musicianship. Any Breaking Bad fans out there who haven’t heard of this band well, you can thank me later 🙂

Can’t Leave the Night — BadBadNotGood

A Canadian trio of seriously skilled jazz students who also happen to love hip hop. They combine to make music that is just my cup of tea. This track’s from 2014 and they’ve gone on to become huge in the music scene, but this track is what originally blew my socks off and got me right into their sound. Feel the weight!

Pull Up To The Bumper — Grace Jones

What can I say? Grace Jones owns.

In 3’s — Beastie Boys

Easily one of my top fav bands ever and when they picked their relative instruments back up after their Def Jam era they went back to their punk rock roots combining with hip hop to make uber raw live jams and instrumental stuff along with help from people like Keyboard Money Mark. This track is from 1992’s ‘Check your Head’ LP.

Hide from the Sun — Goat

A super elusive eight or nine member masked band from Sweden who call their live shows ‘Rituals’, and if you ever get the chance to see these guys then take it, you’ll not be disappointed. It’s a crazy mix of prog rock, psych funk and folk and their show is probably one of the best I’ve seen in the last year or two. I love these guys, and girls.

Return of the B-Girl — T-Love ft. Kool Keith

One from my Underground Hip Hop Club years. There are so many amazing female MC’s that have made an impact on me, here is one of my favourites. Plus there’s added hype from Bronx legend Kool Keith, making this one of the funkiest jams on this playlist.

Nautilus — Anna Meredith

Journey into the unknown with this badass Scottish composer. Prepare to get scared and excited in equal measures. She is simply thrilling.

Bounce — Fingathing

Well  guess all of the above choices in some way directly influence my/our own music writing so let’s go out with a bang! This track is from our latest EP release ‘Return Of The Thing’ and I hope it’ll spur you on to want to check out the crazy mixed up world that is Fingathing.