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“It’s the sort of opportunity that decides a career, turns on a light … the kind of opportunity that can give someone the boost they need for stepping into the next generation of British music”
Bethan, residency participant

Brighter Sound creates transformative experiences for young and early career musicians.

  • You can give children and young people, from all backgrounds, access to high-quality and inclusive music-making opportunities. 

Many young people are excluded from music making despite their passion. Our projects and events develop confidence, self-esteem, creative thinking and leadership skills, and are led by experienced artists and educators. 

  • You can empower young and emerging music creators to be bold and take risks; paving the way for the next generation of exciting and diverse artists. 

Help us to connect early career musicians to inspirational role models, encouraging them to be innovators in their own careers, and active contributors to a fairer and more sustainable music industry.

  • You can make positive change to music education and industry. 

We are passionate believers in a more equal and diverse music landscape. We specialise in inclusive music-making, talent development and gender equality. We work collaboratively to influence change on a local, national and international level.

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