I. JORDAN is one of dance music’s most exciting artists. A true disciple of high-energy, high-emotion dance music.

They have curated January 2023's takeover, sharing their recently played and current favourites that are killing it on the dance scene right now. If the playlist below has since changed, you can still find all the tracks chosen by JORDAN right here...


Give It 2 Me - I. JORDAN
Bourgeouise - TAAHLIAH
Smoke Machine - Ariel Zetina and Bored Lord
Flan - FAFF
Going Up - Panooc and D.D. Curry
Girl You Got My Heart - Planningtorock
Transcendental Access Point - Eris Drew
GNC NRG - Bored Lord
Cherubium - LCY
Diffusus - Tygapaw
The Language of Light - iNTROSPEKT
Show U Love - Eris Drew
Intess - Davis Galvin
Jump In (Freak Shift) - Sister Zo
Find Your Way Home - Octo Octa
Softie - Panooc
Truromance - PlayPlay
Musical Chairs - DJ Delish
Emley lights us moor - aya and Iceboy Violet`