DISRUPT brought together 11 of the North West's most exciting artists to create brand new music in 2019.

MC’s, producers, instrumentalists, vocalists and spoken word artists aged 18-25 came together to collectively create a setlist of powerful, explosive and emotive songs.

The group used the 200th anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre and their own personal experiences of protest as inspiration.

The project was led by Swing Ting’s co-founder Balraj Samrai, MC Fox, rapper Lady Ice and Ruby-Ann Patterson (Family Ranks), and took place at People’s History Museum.

All music written and performed by:
Asriel, Cave Man, DAYZY, Emily Kiely, Kin Louie, Olivia May, Queen Tamika, Sarah Angel, SIBZ, SWEETS, Teddy.

“It was dope to see the diversity in the music that was presented. It was just amazing and empowering, I wanted to jump up there. It was so good to see everyone working together and those energies mixing. It gives me hope for the future of music.”

Audience member

Want to hear more?

Press play on six of the tracks, recorded in the studio shortly after the residency.