In 2022 we commissioned two electronic artists to create new music reflecting on the legacy of Detroit electro-techno 90’s duo Drexciya.

In 1992, their album Deep Sea Dweller introduced to the world the underwater Drexciyan Empire, an afrofuturist myth which has since inspired music, literature and graphic novels.

Working with techno artist AbuQadim Haqq (visualiser of the Drexciyan Empire), From the Depths aimed to further expand on this mythical world and the legacy of Drexciya.

Using new artwork created by Abu as stimulus for new music, from June to September, All Trades (UK) and Prieste5s (Germany/USA) created an hour long set of new music, with guidance from both Abu and KERRIE (Dark Machine Funk/Eastern Bloc Records). Read about their experience.

Watch this video to find out more about the commission.

Since the commission, All Trades and Prieste5s have continued to work together to turn the raw recordings into finished tracks.

Their four-track EP released both digitally and on vinyl via Interlock on 20 June 2023, available to buy now.

Want to hear more?

Watch their live set from the premiere performance of From the Depths on Drexciya Day 2022 at Eastern Bloc Records.

Then on 10 November 2023, All Trades and Prieste5s join forces for a special live show at Eastern Bloc in Manchester, with a special appearance from AbuQadim Haqq himself.

About the artists

Born in Blackburn, now based in Liverpool, All Trades produces music which takes influence from electro & the hardcore continuum. All Trades funnels these genres through his own experimental lens, with a keen ear for sound design using analog hardware. With releases under his belt for labels such as Warehouse Rave, Shubzin and his own imprint, Interlock, his tracks have seen support from the likes of LCY, Clouds and Peder Mannerfelt to name a few.

Hellen Wu (Prieste5s) is a Berlin-based electronic musician and visual artist originally hailing from New York City. She is passionate about experimentation, and devotes her time to exploring the unexpected crossovers among different genres and different mediums. Her sonic identity is characterised by unique grooves, evocative ambiences, mangled field recordings and found sounds. Having discovered the world of live-coding recently, she is also an active member of the Berlin live-coding / Algorave scene.


From the Depths was a Brighter Sound commission, presented in collaboration with Eastern Bloc Records. Supported by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, The Granada Foundation and PRS Foundation as a Talent Development Partner, supported by PPL.

Film by TripleDotMakers.